Glass tile backsplash trim

eeecarusFebruary 7, 2013


I plan to install backsplash in my new kitchen myself this or the next weekend! The tile I chose is a glass mosaic tile with marble stone.
I'm looking for ideas on how to finish the boundaries of the tile. There's going to be a gap between the top cabinets and my backsplash because it's too small of a strip to install, and I don't have a wet-saw to cut the glass tile horizontally in half.
I'm thinking of installing a stainless steel trim to cover this both on top and bottom of the backsplash... but don't know if such thing even exists...
Any ideas guys?


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I used Shluter Systems edging it comes in different finishes and style. You can get it at tile stores and some big box stores . If I recall correctly it was 10 ft long. It can be cut.Here' how it looks in stainless on the vertical edge of my mosaic backsplash. You could run it horizontal too.

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Wow your tile edge looks so good! Thanks for the suggestion! I'll look for it at Home Depot this weekend!!

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We just purchased the Schluter jolly edge in Blanco for our tile. It was $12.xx at a flooring store. They did have to order our color.

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