Peanut Butter Recall Expanded

murphy_zone7October 6, 2012

Received this alert today....Seems the recall includes products made as far back as 2010 (due to long shelf life) and more of the private label brands as well.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Sorry to hear about the recall, but glad it didn't include JIF.

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This reminds me of the Peter Pan scare, a couple years ago.
What's with this 'throw it out' directive by the manufacturer? How about a REFUND !!!!

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a follow-up: I subscribed to the government's food safety recall alerts without realizing that I would get several, yes several alerts each and every day! Thankfully most have been on brands and things I don't buy, never heard of, etc. but it certainly has me wondering "what the heck is going on with our food supply". Also, how do the people who do use those brands/products find out that there is a potential problem with something they have bought? From the alerts regarding the peanut butter, I still get a few each day because that particular peanut butter is used in a whole lot of stuff and it all has been recalled. everything from soups to baked items, in stuff from grocery stores to restaurants.
Totally agree lbpod, what about a refund!

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Thank you for posting this! We always have peanut butter in our pantry so I checked and, sure 'nuff', found an unopened jar listed on the recall list. My husband said we already ate a jar purchased at the same time, probably with the same code, and we lived to tell about it but we'll return this jar to Costco. We like the Kirkland brand -- just peanut butter and nothing else.

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Jenn - we are in exactly the same position. DH checked and our Kirkland natural peanut butter (just Valencia peanuts, no homogenizers, stabilizers or anything else) was on the list. DH is addicted to the stuff, so he's trying to rationalize keeping it instead of turning it in to Costco.


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Cheryl - Return it! There are other peanut butters out there; it's not worth the risk. My new favorite snack using PB is a big spoonful drizzled with honey. :)

We don't understand the need to add anything to peanut butter, like sugar or additional fat (why?!?!?).

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They add sugar and additional fat because they take out all the peanut oil. Look at the ingredients of most of the popular brands, no peanut oil at all--palm oil, in most cases.

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