Built-in & Stairs, part 1

ks_toolgirlOctober 20, 2010

Hi, all. This has been driving me nuts, 2nd only to figuring out my house style, lol. Anyway - due to a water leak issue, (which I'm not ready to talk about yet), I've had to access (to assess!) the floor under the stairs THROUGH the back of a built-in. It's been full of stored stuff for years, and I hadn't paid much attention to it initially. Now that I have, several questions have popped up...

The flippers had removed all baseboards & moldings from 1st floor & drywalled all (grrrr!). Inside the built-in, however, I found plaster still, w/old wallpaper - and the baseboards still there! Would they have bothered to do that inside the bottom of a cupboard, is this not likely original, or perhaps the flippers moved it?

Lol, on one hand, I'd like to track them down and ask... But on the other hand I'd better NOT! I've been talking about finding them for years, but with the goal of slapping them across their faces...

I'll try to post some pics this afternoon - it's a mess though. :-(

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I can only tell you that the flippers wouldn't trouble to move something--they'd tear it out and update it. Quick bucks is their only concern.
The cabinet was probably built there originally, or soon after, I'd say--my own experience hints that the baseboard would be run behind an original cabinet (as in my pantry) because it was easier than cutting it and going around the base of the cabinet. My pantry cabinets have the same paper inside as the surrounding walls--covered by many years of paint. From what little I can tell, paper even runs at least part-way behind my parlor mantel!

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