louver vent; does high density polyurethane hold up to birds???

jaansuOctober 1, 2012

I have a decorative louver vent on the side of my home that has suffered the strangest attacks. Something has excavated several holes into the foam, ~ 2-3" across. Birds?? I can't imagine wasps doing this.

I'm not sure what this stuff is but it is a foam product and not heavy at all. It looks so bad now, I need to replace it but the best I can find online is high density polyurethane vents. The aluminum vents I have found are utilitalian, not decorative as I need. There is no actual wall vent there.

Anyone know of real wood decorative louver vents or perhaps of aluminum? Or know what to paint on the polyurethane vent to keep birds from pecking on it?

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Woodpeckers can hammer dents into sheet steel, and they will.

As part of their establishing a territory, they hammer on things at the boundaries of their territory ... and if it makes a nice loud sound, they will come back to it. Again and Again.

The poly will stand up better than the foam, and if the form is hollow on the back, make sure it's filled with foam insulation and mounted flush to the siding so it doesn't make attractive loud taps when a woodpecker drills on it.

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It is almost certainly not woodpeckers - we would definitely hear that banging since my wife is at home all day. These are holes that could hold a small bird.
I decided to buy an aluminum replacement. They may dent it but they won't perforate it!

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