Dealing with long term, overdue items.

claire_de_lunaNovember 9, 2007

Inch by Inch, of course! I found one of my favorite winter coats (vintage black) recently, which I'd lost for 13 years. It was hanging in a place I knew I'd looked at least half a dozen times, so when it showed up, I decided not to question and be grateful instead. I just got it back from the cleaners; when I dropped it off I found a coupon in the pocket dated December 1994! This week I'm also gathering up a couple of items to have altered so I can actually wear them; I'm putting it on my calendar so it gets Done.

Those scales I'd hoped to find the original part to (and never did) finally got put together last night and calibrated. I tracked a supplier for the part I needed online, and it's fixed. When I opened the package I actually laughed at the size of the part, and wondered no more why it got lost! Yes, my digital scales that I got to replace it actually work better, but it felt great to have this old antique up and running again. Yes, I know I could have gotten rid of it, but it seems to fit in the room with the treadmill and hand weights, and that's one long term frustration I can cross off my list!

As regards emergency planning, I had to drive my dog to the Emergency Vet Clinic last night after she hit a car. (Yes, she hit the car while crossing the street and knocked herself out cold. I'm so glad it wasn't the other way around.) Fortunately she was ok, but I didn't know where to go, so this is obviously one number I need to store in my mobile phone. Trying to figure out where to go took precious minutes that I might have needed if the situation had been more serious. As it was, dh saw it happen and thought she was dying, so it was a tense, emotional evening. Lessons were learned; I didn't have to *itch, and all is well that ends well.

I'm to the point where my infrastructures (as TS likes to call it) are (almost) pretty well in place, which is helping me see better the little things that I've needed to deal with. Besides accomplishing those long term lost/found projects, what I'm seeing around me that is currently outdated is my den; it needs a mini-makeover, which could include some organizing once I figure out how I want to utilize it better. There are some built-in shelves in there that have serious dust catchers on them, and I'd like to fill them with something that requires a little less maintenance. I put books in the built-ins in my bedroom, which I'm really loving. I was looking around in there last night and I finally feel like the bedroom is a comfortable restful haven. Now if I could get the same feeling for my small little den, it would be great. It's such a small room, and doesn't need all that much; it's also where we watch television. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to best utilize those dusty bookcases?

I'm curious if anyone else has found any long term items/projects they've been able to accomplish lately? I find those things that have been hanging around for too long particularly inspiring, especially once they're dealt with. I'd love to hear about yours!

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Actually, Claire, I'm still trying to get motivated to get my projects done by Thanksgiving. I just can't seem to do them, although I have made headway. I have visions of the finished rooms, but can't make them happen. I'm just moaning here, avoiding doing what I should be doing.

I am looking forward to inspiration by reading other posters to your question - I get pick-me-ups from reading here. Thanks.

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Cleaning the cupboards above the fridge/pantry and stove.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I found pre-80's appliances. Which means they have been in this house alone, for 11 years! These are cupboards that I thought could be organised differently long before I inherited the home. And the kind of thing where you open the door, and shake your head, as you stuff something in and slam the door shut before it can fall out! Everytime we opened them we always said "We REALLY need to do something about this cupboard" But never did. And now we have!

It feels great to have them done. Now we only have necessities in them, everythings organised instead of having all sorts of random things in each cupboard and I got rid of lots of things that I didn't even know what they did, let alone what they were LOL.

Now it's great. The living room is set up, stress free and decluttered. Now the kitchen adjoining it, is stress free and decluttered. And I feel a little less stressed when I look around. And it's all one more step to making the house feel like mine, finally!

I'm most excited to re-organise the living room and dining room though. Once thats done, all that's left to do up here is reno. Paint and flooring/kitchen tiles. And we're done the top floor!

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(Yes, she hit the car while crossing the street and knocked herself out cold. I'm so glad it wasn't the other way around.)

Yes, having one's automobile knocked out cold can run you some big mechanic's bills!

(I too am glad your dog was the impact-or, and not the impact-ee)

I have spurts in which I finally do all those stupid things I haven't done (like order spare parts). I love them.

We finally fixed the hinges where the screws were coming out--the door was pretty much ready to fall on the floor. It was a bit of a hassle, but LONG overdue.

And I always vow not to wait so darn long the next time. But I always do.

Congrats to you!

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I had purchased a new purse 1 1/2 years ago while on vacation. Once home, I had put it away and couldn't find it, no matter how many times I looked for it. I even bought another one in between. Last week, I was straightening up my closet and the purse was on the top shelf in full view. I know I looked there many times and never saw it until last week.

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I finally managed to hem the legs of my DH's pajama pants, which were so long he had to roll them up, if he wanted to wear them. They sat in a heap on my bedroom chair for two months' -- after not being hemmed, last Winter, either. I'm not much of a sewer--guess he should be glad I didn't use the stapler! :>) Anyway, that's one project I actually completed.

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Inheriting a house has all kinds of potential (and maybe even needful) long term projects. While away for my working career, I'd visit the family home once a year and muse about what I'd do if it ever became mine. I was able to take first opportunity retirement at 55, moved back to look after aging parents almost 6 years ago now and, well, the time has come when this old house is mine. And to be really mine, like minkos, it just needs to have my personality stamped on it.

Fortunately, my parents were very conscientious of maintenance and upkeep, so structure and integrity isn't an issue. And their financial and personal papers were in good order so saving everything to eventually cull out what was important wasn't necessary. As they aged, however, they acquired the "I might need this someday" syndrome and things never seemed to get discarded. But the clutter and years of papers, bric-a-brac of no consequence, the tons of Book of the Month Club selections everybody who was first nestbuilding in the early 50's had on their bookshelves,etc. is gradually disappearing. Once I get going on a drawer or cabinet, I'm amazed at how ruthless I can be.

On-going project: start wearing out all the work clothes I brought with me - save winter and summer suits aside for funerals, a couple of nice things for occasions when they're needed, everything else for everyday wear or out in the garden - that'll take it's toll.

Immediate project: turn the den into a room I'd actually like spending time in. Paint, new drapes, new furniture and lamps to replace the really bad Early American hodgepodge. The carpeting is good, but I like the look of rugs over rugs, so will probably look for an Oriental as the final touch. It has built in bookshelves - I like books in them, but I also like some of the space for display... a small painting (my Mother was an accomplished oil painter) on an easel, a piece of my American Majolica collection, a nice vase, or piece of ceramics.

First 2008 project: start redoing the gardens. Large yard with large perennial gardens. Been working on them for a few years now; organizing, dividing, eliminating, replacing. Would like to start paring down the blooming perennials and put in some dwarf conifers - just so the spaces have fewer things to deal with.

Not too distant future project: livingroom is a nice room, but just not my style. My cherry Queen Anne furniture is stored in the basement and might find it's way upstairs, but once in my life I'd like to call in a professional decorator to work with me in pulling it all together.

Far future: don't really know what can be done with a mid 30's kitchen. It's pleasant and very workable, lots of cabinets, adequate counter space, built-ins, some nice features so maybe leaving well enough alone is the answer.

How far will I actually get? I don't know, but am really motivated to do the den. Have all my paint cards and am narrowing the choices down. And a simple phone call to the Salvation Army or Goodwill would clear the room out in one fell swoop.

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It's funny that you would post about dealing with long overdue items now, because we spent yesterday crossing tons of them off our own list! Our list is huge because we bought a 1920's house over a year ago, and it came with many small but irritating quirks. For instance, there was no doorsweep on the front door. I am sad to say that we lived with a one inch gap until yesterday, when we finally got around to putting a doorsweep in. Oh, the difference! No draft any more.

Our coat closet is so narrow that a hanger couldn't go in straight--it had to be put in sideways. And, yup, you guessed it--we lived with this annoyance for a whole year, until yesterday. We took out the stupid clothes rod and installed 7 double hooks along the back of the closet. Now we have room for 14 coats! Then we went further and installed a shelf above the hooks. Imagine... a place for scarves and hats and umbrellas!

Then we rerouted the gutter at the front of the house so that it released the water waaaaay out into the yard, where water is supposed to go, and then we finished planting our winter patio pots. An amazing day. The only thing we didn't get done was to install our brand new outdoor spiggot covers--have to figure out how to turn the water supply off first.

We feel great!

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