Can any one share organised Garage pictures?

schadaNovember 7, 2006

I am planning to install shelves in Garage. Can any one share their experience and pictures?



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Oh, this made me laugh. I guess I could take pics of my neighbors garage.

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Make sure chewable items are inside animal proof containers. Label the containers. Keep the same type of products together. When possible use see thru containers. Keep them small enough to handle. And watch the weight. I would keep them about 12-16 inches apart. You can get good shelves at Home depot etc. Metal--Heavy duty only. Also at the these places they usually have brochures showing different ways to help you out.

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We're rather picture impaired on this forum. Sorry.

I use the rubbermaid style shelving linked below. We are very un-handy around here and getting shelving into the studs could be a big lesson in frustration. I've also had built in shelves in the garage (previous owner) and found they weren't flexible enought for our needs.

These shelves are great. No problems with them getting wet and, when empty, I can easily cart them around. We currently have three of these in our garage and it meets our needs for storage for car stuff, paint stuff, tools, gardening stuff and plain old misc.


Here is a link that might be useful: Rubbermaid shelves

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one thing I would say--in lots of instances (that picture Gloria linked to, for example), the shelves are spaced just a little bit too far apart--and you end up w/ wasted headroom that tempts you into shoving stuff on top of other stuff, and then it's hard to get out.

I try to think of the "cubbyhole" approach, and I'd be looking for a shelf setup that would let me buy an extra shelf so I could add one to the stack. Even if it meant that the shelf was spaced much closer than the others; I'd put smaller stuff there, then. I did that for my nieces in their bedroom, once, and we put shoe-box-size containers w/ little stuff there.

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I used the white wire shelving from Home Depot and it worked great, but I had to space supports pretty close to support the weight. I did see they have gray whire shelving that is made to support heavier items, but of course this was after installation. I used 10 and 12" deep shelves from floor to ceiling. I still have a ways to go in organizing though, but atleast all the paint, lawn chemicals etc are off the floor and up high. Now I need to get the equipment organized (lawn mower, weed eater, etc)

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Home Depot or Lowes carried shelves similar to Rubbermaid that are called... I think... "Gorilla" shelves. They're strong, sturdy, plastic, and might be expensive.

We have the old-fashioned metal shelving units in our garage. My husband anchored them to the wall for fear one of the boys would try to climb them to get something from a top shelf. That's something to consider if you have kids.

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Oh definitly anchor them and really any tall furniture to the walls. My 2 YO nephew climed up on his tall dresser to get something and the 4 YO tried to stop him and the entire thing fell over on them. Luckily they were not hurt. But alot of kids are not so lucky.

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I used black boltless shelving in my garage. It has particle board shelves and a pretty good weight capacity. I found a good deal here

Here is a link that might be useful: buyrack

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Dh bought Gorilla shelving units at Sam's a couple months ago to use in his new workshop. They're metal & particle board. I'll try to get out there in the next couple days and take a couple pics. I think he paid less than $60 each.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gorilla

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Here's my garage. My neighbor helped me with it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Cindy's garage

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