How do you store child's art?

sehraNovember 14, 2006


I have been cleaning out my dd's room, and have a lot of her art work and paintings to put away. I would love to file them away but b/c I don't want to fold them, they will not fit in legal or letter file folders. Any suggestions?

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Go to an art supply store, and buy a portfolio; they come in lots of different sizes and materials and levels of $$

ThereÂs this style, which is essentially 2 big pieces of cardboard w/ ties on all sides , about $9

Or this style, in plastic w/ a handle, about $20

And these are really inexpensive ($2 to $5) , but fully enclosed, of heavy paper. Would wear out quickly if you carried it much, but useful for storage. And you could buy one for every year or something.

Any art-supply store will have stuff like this. MichaelÂs may even have something like it.

The cheapest thing is to buy 2 pieces of posterboard and tape them together on 3 edges.

If you want to spend some money on someething that feels fancy, you could consider
They make plastic cases to hold that sort of stuff. Pricey, though. You're better off getting a poly one (or 4) at an art-supply store.

And weÂve had a couple of threads on his, if ou search on "portfolio"

HereÂs a good one.

or this:

this one was about cabinets, but thereÂs stuff about portfolios

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Michael's has portfolios 25% off this week (funny - I was just looking through their flyer today!)

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Thanks guys, the info you gave is exactly what I was looking for...i forgot about the art stores!!! I can't wait to go to michael's..and get 25% off!!

Sehra :o)

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