Help with minor kitchen remodel issues in 1922 bungalow

jac0404October 5, 2010

Hello! Awhile back, I posted asking for some ideas for a minor remodel of my tiny kitchen in our 1922 bungalow. I have pictures of our kitchen posted here:

I think we've arrived at a plan: we'd like to bump out our pantry closet to make enough space for a fridge, put the fridge there, and then put a dishwasher where the fridge is. The rest of the project is relatively cosmetic -- a big radiator cover with a countertop that will give us some more counter space, new counter and backsplash tiles by the sink, new hardware on that big built in, etc.

The closet bump out issue is the one on which I'm looking for a gut check. The back of that closet is a wall in our son's room. Right in front of that wall is a radiator. We'd need to relocate that radiator to move the wall in 4-10 inches to allow sufficient space. We have a hot water boiler. I'm wondering if anyone has a general sense of the cost to: (A) move the radiator to another space in his room (near the current location); and (B) have that bump out done. I'm also thinking that we'll need to do something with the back door situation -- potentially get rid of the door and window next to it, and put in french doors that swing out, or a sliding glass door. Any thoughts on that, or on the cost of doing so?

Thank you so much for any thoughts! I get such great ones here. This bump-out-the-pantry idea was one that one of you gave us.

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we had to move hot water radiators in our remodel.

Call a plumber or your boiler service company and ask. Also, they will need to drain the whole system to be able to do this, so you don't want to do it in the dead of winter.

Generally speaking. It's a day's time from the plumber plus the cost of the materials on rerouting the lines. I would guess it would be between $500-$1200 depending on your existing situation and how much work it is to get to the pipes.

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We just did this. We wanted to move a wall between a closet and bathroom to give us more room in the bathroom. We moved a second floor radiator two feet, and moved the pipes into the wall on the first floor (the wall was already open since we had to replace the vent stack). It ended up being $1500.

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