Something that is helping me keep on track

smom40November 5, 2005

House guests.

Had the inlaws, and now a good friend is coming on Tuesday to stay for a few days. And my cousin announced a January visit.

I figure that will get me to spring where I have my own motivation! LOL

I didn't plan this, they did, but it's working. I've been feeling a bit of lead in my buttocks in the house because I'd rather be outside while the weather is still pleasant and I'm burnt on dealing with the interior.

But working for someone else seems to be getting me moving.

Now the question is, who can I schedule for June?


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Better you than me... I totally dread overnight company! For some reason I always see it as a home invasion or something, LOL.

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So do I! But at the same time, it's a gift.

There are things that I can easily do for a 'friend' that I struggle with doing for myself.

It's especially good for me now. I don't really know many people here. It's a present to have an old friend show up and sit at my table as opposed to the 'getting to know you' thing that is happening here for me.

And it's not like cleaning for my mother in law! ROFL! :) She gives me the feeling like I need to climb up on my roof and scrub my shingles with a toothbrush.

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SMOM40, I LOVE company and you are absolutely right there is nothing like "somebody's coming" to get me in gear!!! We will have about 40 for T'giving, my oldest son and his boss on the 29th and 30th, all of DH's family on Christmas Eve, and all of my gang on Christmas night!! Wow...I had better get busy pronto!!!!! Have a great Holiday season, and blessings to you!!
LOL about the roof scrubbing....there are sure some people who make you feel that way!:^)

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LOL I tell ya what, I use that idea sometimes when I need to clean. I pretend to myself that somebody is coming and I really get it in gear to get it presentable before they get here! LOL

Sounds like you guys are gearing up for a lot of welcome company. Enjoy!

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Crisis cleaning is the only thing that works for me. We're having a bathroom remodel starting the week after next. You can bet I will be busy ALL next week.

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Company-driven cleaning is the best thing in the world! My house is always cleanest/most picked-up over the holidays when there are a lot of people coming and going. In fact, we have friends coming for dinner tonight and I need to go do the dust-and-vac.

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