We did it!!!!

munkosNovember 13, 2007

So, the upstairs is DECLUTTERED!!! 30 people could show up at my door right now and I would not be embarassed off the clutter all over, and I know where everything is and goes!!

yesterday the boyfriend and I spent 5.5 hours straight, doing the loft, main living room and dining room. We found FOUR crockpots not in use, when we already have one!Who knew. Everything is functional now. We threw out probably 4-5 loads for the dump. A LOT of stuff.

So to recap from my first post -

Oct 27th/28th - Reorganised living room. Decorated living room. Cleaned out bathroom. 4 hours (ish) of work.

Oct 29th - Hall closet, laundry room, cuboards above desk, utensil drawers and junk drawers in the kitchen. And under the sink. 2 hours.

Nov 7th - Decluttered pantry, tossed 1 full bag of garbage.

Decluttered the following cupboards;

Above the pantry

Above the fridge

Above the stove

Beside the one above the stove.

Beside the oven.

The plates/bowls Cupboard.

As well as the island.

2.45 hours of work.

Nov 12th - Cleaned and organised and re-arranged living room. Cleaned out, moved furniture in and organised the loft. Cleaned out and moved furniture and organised the dining room. 5.5 hours of work. Wasn't as bad as I thought. But I couldn't have done it on my own, still.

Reorganised MRB closet somewhere in there too.

15 hours of work, over 2 weeks. But we're done!! Next projects are the spare room and basement, and then the entire house is done. It feels great, and we can actually USE all of the rooms in our hose.

For now we're going to take a break from big stuff, and focus on little things. Like better systems for the fridge and closets and stuff. To help us stay organised.

And I probably wouldn't have gotten any of it done if I hadn't opened up this forum. Thanks guys!

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yay! congratulations!

(5 crockpots, total? Isn't that amazing? I bet that created TONS of room)

I think you have such a unique situation--because it's someone else's stuff (similar to when someone helps their parent downsize, or is liquidating an estate), but it is also now yours for good.

I bet you feel so much more in control of your own home down.

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I'm amazed that it took only 15 hours to do all of this. It just shows how when we put our energy into the actual work, it really doesn't take that much time.

I'm very impressed in your progress.

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Congratulations! You inspire me!

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Many many congratulations!!!

What a tremendous load of work (and the resulting amount thrown out certainly shows it!!!) -- but so worth all of the time and effort! You have created your HOME out of a HOUSE -- you've claimed your space!

Well done indeed!! :)

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Wowzer! You must be whirling dervish to have all that done. And watch the baby too. Amazing stuff, lady.


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Fantastic! You must feel wonderful right now. When I finally tackled my garage, I got up in the middle of the night to look at my car parked in the garage.

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Thanks guys!! I'm itchin to put the christmas tree up, the front rooms too bare now! LOL.

It does feel great, The little one has a lot more freedom now too, since I don't have to worry about him getting into who knows what. He's happier during the day, so I'm happier during the day!

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