Calling a2gemini, dish drawer questions

romy718February 23, 2014

I had read your original "drawer disaster" thread & should have caught on & asked for heavy duty slides for my 36" drawers.
One my drawers is a dish drawer with a peg system. I had a vague recollection that the slides might have a weight limit so I emailed KD who contacted Wood-Mode, emailed me back with 75 lbs, I loaded 60 lbs of dishes into the drawer & the soft close has stopped working & the drawer closes unevenly. Emailed KD, sent installer out, agreed it was a weight issue.
Now, they are charging me for the slides & the labor to install them on two drawers, $470. They are using a 110 lb. slide that is supposedly "custom made" for WM.
The whole situation aggravates me. How are you supposed to utilize a dish drawer that is rated for 75 lbs if the drawer & the peg system take up 30 lbs of that weight?
Did BH charge you for your heavy duty slides? Do you know which Blum HD slides were installed, the 568H (110lbs/125 lbs) or the 569H (125lbs/150 lbs) Or a special custom made one? Did you have to pay for the labor to install them?
Edited: venting a little too strongly. Wood-Mode & my KD came thru. They are replacing the glides at no charge.

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I'm not a2g, but I followed her saga and talked extensively to my cabinet maker about drawers.

First, you really don't NEED the peg system to keep your dishes in place. Our kitchen isn't complete, but I have started putting dishes in my 36" dish drawer (full extension & soft close). The dishes stay put...that's without any drawer liner even. The only reason for the peg system that I can see is if you think it looks prettier.

From what I remember when I was researching, glides are to have no more than 80% of their static rated weight (obviously, less is better)...this is for ALL items resting on them (drawer, inserts, contents). Your KD probably should have told you about this limitation, but my experience has been that they unfortunately don't always think of things like that.

I'm certainly a layman, but in all of my researching, I never came across or know of anything that Blum makes that is custom made for only a certain cabinet brand. So, I think that I'd call BS on that.

At this point, if I were you, I'd probably be inclined to order my own glides and install them myself (you can find videos on YouTube) or if you don't feel comfortable doing that, look into hiring a handyman and still come out to the good by a few hundred dollars compared to what the KD was telling you it would cost.

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Andreak, thanks for the info. I'm not buying the custom made Blum either. What really aggravates me is the $280 labor charge for 2 drawers. If I get someone else to do the install, it voids my warranty.
I'm hoping a2gemini had a better experience & I can use that to make my case.

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Bumping, in hopes a2gemini will see.

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Resolved my problem. Wood-Mode will be replacing the standard Blumotion drawer glides with heavy duty glides, no charge. Thanks GW, you gave me the knowledge & the courage.

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That is wonderful news Romy!

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Glad to hear it. Charging you $280 labor to replace the slides on two drawers was outrageous - Those slides literally take less than two minutes each to remove and replace.

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So glad you got your problem solved romy without out-of-pocket expense.

Maybe it's a good practice to put heavier duty glides on ALL drawers. Dishes weigh more than you think, but so do pots and pans, mixing and serving bowls, casserole dishes, cups and glasses and the list goes on. Even cutlery and small utensils can get weighty. And as you stated, the weight of the drawer has to factor into the equation and if the drawers are solid wood, that weight can be fairly substantial.

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