Fiberglass Door Brands

berdanOctober 5, 2005

Hi all! I'm looking to replace double entry doors and 2 sidelights. I'm getting opinions and quotes. I had a salesperson at Home Depot and Menards tell me almost exactly the same thing...a fiberglass door is a fiberglass door. Not much difference between brands (except the glass designs).

Any opinions? I have received quotes on Feather River, Mastercraft, and Thermatrue. The Feather River and Mastercraft are comparable but the Therma is over twice the price!

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I had a fiberglass door once didnt like it.Hard to finish,didnt keep finish.Also as in breakins , probably one of worst to have.I then went to metal.also alot of glass for breakins.We were robbed once the state police showed us how easy it would be.

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Bulldinkie, isn't the glass the shatterproof stuff to help prevent breakins? Are you saying more glass is better, or less?

I'm also in the market for a fiberglass door and getting the same answers you are Berdan, a door's a door. Looks like it's just a matter of style. Someone said there's a difference in how much a door might warp over time, but I'm not sure what that's based on.

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Through much research since my original posting, I have learned alot about fiberglass doors. They are NOT all alike.

I also found the door that is the creme-da-la-creme of fiberglass doors. That is the Jeld-wen brand. I saw it in person and displayed next what I thought was the best fiberglass door. They are not even close in style and beauty! The Jeld-wen absolutely looks like a real wood door. It is fabulous. Of course, it is many times the price of brand-x fiber glass doors. It should be considered a piece of art going at the entry to your home. Now, I just need to convince DH of the investment.

Any ideas...anyone have a Jeld-wen fiberglass door?

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I have a therma tru, from their classic craft line, and tradespeople who have come to the house to do other work thought it was a wooden door.
I stained it myself and it was easy, and it looks great, although not cheap. I don't have a Jeld-wen door but I have seen them and they are beautiful. Fiberglass doors are not all alike, I have seen some really ugly, obviously fiber glass doors, and I have seen ones like the Jeld-wyn
and my THerma tru classic craft, which look like wood. They aren't cheap, but to me the $ spent is a good investment in a solid product

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I am considering fiberglass door entry system with two 10in sidelites and have read that Precision Door (company now named Provia Door because they consolidated) is great. In the windows forum, members named skydawggy and another named brushworks both highly recommend the Precision Door Systems. However the price is $4000, which includes beveled docorative glass for sidelites, hardware, and custom install. Do you all think that price is worth it ? ?

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