Garage storage cabinets

kraftdeeNovember 18, 2008

I want to put storage cabinets in the garage. Does anyone have any recommendations of reliable brand?

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I don't have a brand to offer, but I would suggest that if you have a Habitat for Humanity resale store in your area, hightail it over there to see what cabinets they have in stock.

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We purchased the Coleman brand cabinets from Lowes. We got several different pieces plus the work bench. They are nice looking but it took DH and his buddy 3 full days to assemble. Kinda reminds me of when we put my Gazelle together....the directions said *easy assembly, allow 2 hrs* yeah! We always manage to have parts left over. :(

Anyway, we are happy w/the Coleman cabinets, but assembly was something else.

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My cousin asked me to create workspace in their garage. We used Black and Decker cabinets from Lowes. We marked off twelve feet along the side wall, put a tall cabinet at each end, and covered the wall between them with pegboard on a frame of 1X2's nailed to the wall (cut out around the window). We installed a deep shelf over them along the full width of the space and put Sterilite bins up there for stuff. Then we made an island work table centered along the space by putting a 36" wide hollow core door on top of two pairs of the low cabinets, set back to back, with space between the two pairs. The cabinets became the pedestals. We put repair tools in the cabinets that faced the window wall, and car stuff in the ones that faced out. The whole thing took one weekend to put together, once the area was cleaned out and the materials assembled, plus the continuing task of fiddling around with the pegboard accessories. Now it is as easy to work in as a kitchen.
I like the Black and Decker ones because they are sturdy enough, not too expensive, not some awful color, and have feet so there's no worry about a little water on the floor. We used up ten feet of the width of the garage for the whole thing, counting three feet of clearance on both sides of the island for working in, which left room for one car in the other half (a two-car garage is typically 22 to 26 feet wide...this one is 23').
Boy, what a long-winded answer!!

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Thanks. I'd love to see photos if anyone is willing to post. Brownysmom, I was thinking one wall of the large cabs and shelf over them. I'd love to see photo it's not exactly same design configuration but not far off.

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kraftdee, we use the top of the cabinets for storage, no shelves needed. One wall of the garage is cabinets and the other wall is the wire shelves that we keep sterlite tubs on ( labeled )

It's been so long since I've posted a photo not sure if I remember how to do it. I'll see if I can ....

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Kraftdee, I'm sorry, I don't have photos of that project.

The overhead shelf was actually a bit deeper than the cabinets, so she could use deeper storage bins. It was really simple, and the pegboard turned out to be not only cheaper but also more useful than more cabinets, because it keeps everything at hand in one layer, and you can attach small bins and shelves and a variety of hooks anywhere you like. We painted the pegboard off-white to keep the place bright...if you decided to do that, use one of those small, dense foam rollers, and you won't get paint gooping up the holes. Oh, and one last tip, which you probably already realize...make sure you mark your space off with the garage door open so you don't have clearance problems overhead!

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Arizona, gee it sounds like you're very organized. I'd love to see your set up.

Thanks Brownysmom, I actually forgot completely about the garage door clearance --I hadn't planned out the space on paper yet, though, so I might have caught that. But thanks for mentioning it.

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I just wanted to second Graywings on Habitat for Humanity.

I went to their store here in Atlanta recently (really just to check it out in a free moment) and I was very surprised at some of the high-end quality products they had. And the prices were very good.

Of course, they had a lot of junk too. And it struck me as the kind of place where you might find good stuff one visit and junk the next, but they had some still-in-the-box Kohler bathroom sinks and toilets and other things that I knew based on recent remodeling.

They also had some metal cabinets (like office storage cabinets) that I was thinking about using in my garage. I could put them on a flat 2X4 base to keep them off the floor.

Any thoughts on these as a garage storage solution?

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Yellowdog, the three questions I would ask about the metal cabinets at Habitat are, one, are they the right dimension for what I need to put in them; two, do they fit the space so that I can get in and out of them easily; and, three, are they the right material. I like plastic for garages (unless the metal is very high end), because it doesn't dent or have sharp bits or rust (I live in a climate that tends to be damp).

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I'm a real poster not a spamer. I had 2 of these installed--sorry no picture of doors closed but you can see a little of the closed door on the right hand side of the picture. The one you see is nearest the door to the kitchen so it has pantry stuff in it. The other is all garden and canning supplies. If you look closely, you can see that I utilized the space under the units. They are under-bed bins, I took the lids off and installed handles so I can pull them out.

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Sorry I don't have photos, but we installed four tall cabinets, like Mustangs pictured, side by side and upside down with the bases against the ceiling at the back of the garage. We used the base to add extra outlets and their not being on the floor allowed us the extra space for parking our zero turn riding mower and honkin' big snow blower. We live in the country so when we built we had the garage built six feet deeper giving us more room for those to things. We also have two similar medium height wall cabinets on a side wall near, but not all the way to the ceiling for more storage.

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