Organizing the Pantry/cupboards

Janet_43November 25, 2005

I am in need of help. I have a small kitchen with minimumal amount of cupboards and storage space. I bulk buy cooking goods but have no place to put them. Need help with getting my cupboards arranged. I have 1 really deep one and 1 with a small shelf acrossed the top. How do you have your cupboards done? How can do them up to get the best amount of useable space? Have no space to put a real pantry. No extra closets. Help please. Thank you for your help.

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are you willing or able to put more shelves in your area?..if so measure the things you have and group them, cans, boxed goods etc. You wll notice that they per catagory have similar sizes...then size your extra shelves to fit them..


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Thank you for replying maddiemom. I have tried to buy those shelf things made of wire but they are useless for me. Yes I can put in shelves in the cupboard but also on the one wall. Did not think of that.

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I have a good amount of cabinets, but still not enough to bulk purchase most items.

Re-evaluate how you are currently using the space. How many items you don't use on a frequent basis are taking up room. When you have a small space, you have to be ruthless in getting rid of gadgets and items you don't use or can't do double duty.

You say you don't have any "extra" closets. Do you have small kids? I've found children don't need closet space and that can be utilized for other storage uses. Linen closets frequently can be used for food storage. Just put the sheets in the bedrooms and towels in the bathroom.

Without seeing a plan of you kitchen, it's hard for me to visualize what could be done. The best thing I did for my storage spaces was to be ruthless in decluttering them of un-needed stuff. That allowed room for the items we did need.


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I have 1 closet in my entire house. My house is old and was built without any closets. My kitchen has only 4 base cabinets in it and 1 of them is under my sink for cleaning supplies. 1 is for my pots and pans leaving only 2 to put groceries in. I do not have any extra items. Downsized all that 10 years ago when we moved in. No room. :~) Upper cabinets are 3 and I use 1 for baking supplies the other 2 are for dishes and glass ware. We have a very small house without alot of extra room in it for anything. Currently have canned goods sitting in the dining room making it very hard to sit at the table to eat. Thank you for your help. Will continue to think this out.

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Do you have anywhere you can hang a short length of wire shelf (like the kind that hang in closets)? Then use S hooks to hang your pots and pans from, and the shelf to stack things on. It doesn't have to be IN a closet, since it will look nice and organized. That may free up a cabinet or two, maybe?


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Ok, the "old house, no closet syndrome." I haven't done that one for many years, but did it frequently when I was younger.

Can you think up? We always had shelving going over the door jams and on around at least two walls. My mom kept her collections of glassware up there, but it could certainly be used for other things. As long as the supports were put into the studs, it should hold quite a bit of weight. Mom used decorative supports and they were really attractive.

When we lived in the older homes, we had rooms which had room for additional furniture for storage. It doesn't sound like you have that extra space.

I would probably give in to frustration and change how I am trying to live in the space. When I had very few cabinets, I would only buy the groceries needed for the week. Most of it went in the fridge, it seems. Sometimes it's easier to change what you are doing than try and get the space to work as you hope.

Post us a pic if you can.


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How about stashing your cleaning supplies in a labelled plastic bin and put it in your garage?

Or finding a way to hang your pots -- or just pans?

We took two long antique black-and-brass door handles (think of the long ones on the front door of old banks or offices) -- and hung those upside down on the kitchen ceiling. Then we use S-hooks to hang pots etc. Looks wonderful -- and we get so many compliments from visitors!

And my DH built a very long shelf that goes across the tops of doors on the back wall of our kitchen. Also handy! Then he did another shelf for the dining room -- across the "front" of a bay window.

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We buy in bulk but also have a small kitchen. We keep what we need for the week there, then "shop" from the basement storage.

Do you have a laundry room? What about extra storage cabinets there? Do you have room elsewhere in the house for a decorative storage cabinet? I'm thinking one of those tall but narrow antique ones with doors meant for storing jellies or canned veggies for the winter. It shouldn't take up much more floor space than where you are currently keeping your canned goods in the dining room. Or you could slide it behind a chair in the living room?

Next time you have a friend over, ask her for suggestions. Maybe she'll see something obvious in how to arrange the deep cabinet.

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I don't buy in bulk anymore--or at least, not much or not often.

I don't have space.

If you don't have space, it may be your BUYING HABITS that need to be "decluttered" or "organized."

I like Julie's idea of having a friend look at your home and help you. Bcs we can't see your space.

I will also say, if you can put up shelves, don't space them too far apart. That'll keep you from stacking stuff, which makes it hard to take things off the shelf.

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