she 'hoarded' her DH's body

talley_sue_nycNovember 22, 2006

for 3 years, she kept her husband's body on the bed (supposedly so she could keep collecting his Social Security)

Sources said police found the home where Joanne Iverson had lived for decades overrun with dirty clothes and items covering the floor, a consequence, they said, of her penchant for collecting things.

[She had wire hangers stuffed in boxes "as far as you could see," said one neighbor, and bags of clothes "everywhere."


The Daily News story has a few more details, but leaves out the "hoarding" issue.

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Oh my...that is just sick....I sure hope she slept somewhere else! From what the articles have said, she fits the description of a hoarder, but I think the "husband's body" thing was less of a hoarding issue and more of a financial issue. It's sad that an elderly person needs to stoop to such a level in order to apparently make ends meet.

Today I am going to increase our contribution amounts to our 401k's!!


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In the town where I used to live, someone did that. They buried the body of their brother or something in the backyard so they could keep getting his SS checks. Eventually someone missed him... Yuck!

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In Wisconsin there were three sisters still living all together. One died and they just kept her there in her bed for years decomposing. The second one died at the kitchen table and the remaining sister kept her there, slumped on the table, for years.

The sad situation was discovered when neighbors complained about all the cats living there and authorities went in to investigate the horrible smell that was coming from the house.

I don't think it was done for financial reasons. They said the remaining sister kept saying the other two were "sleeping". There was no suspected foul play.

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YUCK is right!

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Just think how alone these people must be. In a world full of people, they are so isolated they don't even know how to handle a death. It really doesn't make sense that the wife would have kept her husband there just to get the checks. If she was a traditional homemaker, she would have continued to get his SS checks anyway. Even if she had her own checks, she would get the larger. I bet she just couldn't handle him dying and it was easier to pretend he didn't die.


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Unfortunately, hoarding is not an uncommon thing. Anyone could be living next to someone who does this.


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Gloria, but by pretending he was alive, she got his check and hers. That doesn't mean that money is the reason, and certainly not the only reason.

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Maybe she didn't know her husband was dead. I often thought my ex had "expired" because he never moved from the TV for 11 years.

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Oh, you're baaadddd scarlett.

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