Worthwhile to have copier/fax at home?

ericasjNovember 10, 2005

I *think* it might be worthwhile for me to get a copier/fax machine at home. I'm sorely tempted right now because there is a great rebate deal at both Amazon and Office Depot, and you have to buy it this week. (Brother Fax-575, $59.99 and then a $30 rebate, so about $30 net. I haven't seen anything else close to that price.)

I know from a cost-per-copy standpoint, it's probably more expensive than getting copies made other places. Geez, at work I can do them for 4 cents a page. But so many times I delay getting things in the mail because I want to copy them first, and I keep forgetting to take the stuff with me to work, or the library.

So, worthwhile organizing tool, or piece of expensive-to-run clutter?

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I know exactly what you mean Erica re: delays because . . . so yes I consider it a worthwhile org. tool. I have an all-in-one printer that copies/scans/prints + faxes and I really appreciate it. The Brother you are looking at won't be as convenient/useful as a flat bed one as you can't copy books/mags & the like but it will certainly serve for the tasks you mentioned. And for $30 you can't really go wrong.

So I vote yes. :-))

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Absolutely worth it. I also delay getting things in the mail if I have to wait to get them copied. I have a printer-scanner-copier, and use Efax for faxes, simply because I get a lot of them and like getting them in email form and getting to decide which ones, if any, to print.

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My printer/copier/fax machine is only printing copies from the computer at the moment. I sorely miss the copier, fax part and need to get it fixed. It's so much easier to just copy something at home than having to go somewhere to do it. Also, it's an asset to be able to fax something anytime I need to. But I never bothered to figure out online faxing.

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Definitely worth it! Especially at that price. I have a HP color printer/copier/fax and I use the copier a lot. It's so much quicker and more convenient than making a special trip to Staples or the library to make copies.

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I have tried to make my scanner serve this duty, but I know that it's not always easy, bcs we don't keep the computer on all the time, and it takes the computer forever to boot up.

If we kept the computer on all the time, I'd just use that' I don't need home fax capability.

But if I had room, and if I had a need to receive faxes at home, I might get one of these just because it's so much easier to use.

I don't have room, so I won't. But at $30, you'll be purchasing efficiency, and that's worth it, I think.

It ain't much more than a P-touch.

and then, you can be the guinea pig for all the REST of us!

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We bought a hp fax/printer/copier for $179 and it's a Godsend. I would NEVER be without one.

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We just got a 3/1 and it was pricy but DH uses it in his business. I wish I had gotten some inexpensive machine sooner. Even though it is more expensive per copy, the time and effort savings would make it worth having the machine.

Why is it that we stuggle purchasing some items which make our life easier and quickly spend in another area? I didn't hesitate to shell out the money for the microwave, yet I mostly boil water and pop popcorn in the thing.


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I would vote a yes. I have one and find it useful for exactly the same reason.


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OK, I did it. Thanks, guys!

After getting rid of so much stuff I *thought* was going to be useful, I'm very skittish anymore about bringing new stuff into the house.

But, I think this will be a good thing. Even if I don't end up using it as a copier much. It seems like whenever something needs to be faxed, there's some kind of emergency involved. And who needs to add a 45-minute round trip to Office Max when there's an emergency going on to begin with.

Now if I can just stay organized enough to get the rebate in on time. :)

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Send in the rebate today!


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We got our printer/scanner/fax/copier a few days before school started. On the first day of school my son called and said they didn't have his immunization records, and he wasn't allowed to go to class. I whipped out the manual, learned to use the fax feature, and faxed those records in about 10 minutes -- much less time than it would have taken me to go somewhere to make a copy, then delivered to the school.

And I thought I'd never need a fax machine at home.

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My house and my computer desk especially are TOO crowded already. I have a library and a card store with photocopier available within a ten-minute walk/less than 5 minutes in the car. And a mailboxes store with a fax machine about ten minutes away. I consider it an exzcuse to get out of the house and go for a little drive. I stop for coffee on the way back.

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I LOVE my copier...one of the best gifts my DH ever gave me! But as homescoolers I think we use it more than most. We just added a fax machine a few months ago and have not regretted it in any way. but I am still trying to make room for the fax in an out of the wayplace and not out in the open.


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Another person who definitely uses and recommends a copier/fax at home. I have a multifunction with a flat bed copier feature which really makes life easier! With that it is possible to easily copy out of books, magazines etc. I really would miss it if I didn't have this machine.


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Another enthusiastic yes vote on a multifunction. We'ver got one of the Brother laser (i.e., not inkjet) printer/fax/copier/scanners and use it constantly! While it can only do black and white, I think that the print quality is superior and no in jet cartridges to worry about replacing!

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I've considered it. It's not worth it for us. DH can fax or make copies for free at work. He works for a printing company, so we can also scan stuff there. We make personal copies maybe once a month & fax less than that. Same thing with the scanning.

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