It's been a long busy summer, so yeah, I'm going to brag

old_house_j_i_mOctober 14, 2012

The porch restoration I started last summer is FINALLY done.

Check it out:

Here is a link that might be useful: Let Me Tell You a Story About a Porch

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One question, okay two:

1. Did you find boards to match the original width and thickness of the flooring? Where?
2. The floor color looks sort of greenish to me, maybe it's the monitor? What is the Sherwin Williams number for it? I use them for my paints, and need to paint my porch floors, currently the standard battleship grey.

That is a beautiful job on the porch! Those blinds fit your openings--I can't seem to find ones for mine, they are either too narrow or two wide; were yours custom?

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Nice job.

But just two points: 1) porch decks must be back primed to prevent cupping, according to Dr. Lstiburek of Building Science Corp. and; 2) Instead of all that scraping and sanding of lead-based paint, it should have been chemically removed.

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Beautiful! Love the photo story. Takes me back to 04, the year of my own porch renovation.

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Columbusguy, we found a warehouse locally that had the same thickness, but 3/4 inch narrower in stock. The difference is barely noticeable since the porch swing is hung right where the transition takes place. Since I am seriously cash-strapped, I wanted to stay in a budget. The original boards were 1 x 5 pine and were just beautiful, but would not be in my budget even if I could find replacements.

The brown floor paint is SW Oil-Based Enamel (I love that stuff) and it is slightly bronzy-greenish. All of the photos look way more green than it really is. It is a color I mixed up at home and had matched. SW's browns are a bit disappointing and I am a little "over-particular" about brown, so when I need a brown paint I mix my own. (ok, really, i am totally OCD about color, but I love the brown of the porch floor)

The blinds were $20 each at Lowes. They won't trim these for you (only the expensive interior blinds can be trimmed) so buy them longer than you need and cut them yourself. I simply unrolled them on the lawn, made my measurements (take a bit off both sides to ensure the pulleys at the top are still centered) and used tin snips to cut the plastic slats. I used an old hacksaw to cut through the heavy plastic header and footers. Hint: the footer slides, so slip it back and forth to give you more room to cut the slats, then slide it all the way over and just cut off one end to size, rather than both ends.

Worthy, I did a good deal of research on painting the floor and found some pretty convincing arguments for painting only one side. The area below is unconditioned basement. It is not exposed to the elements. I'll let you know if I screwed up.

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You did a wonderful job and I am sure it was a very very long summer. I am sure you enjoy pulling up to the house every night and seeing it finished!

Good job.

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Great job, and great blog.

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Wonderful Job!!

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