csmerkNovember 8, 2006

Toys are taking over the garage so it's time to move the tools into a shed. Nothing big, maybe an 8x6, but already overwhelmed by the different choices. Since it will really be part of the yard (no way to hide it) we wanted to be able to paint it the same colors as the house. Any ideas on which type of sheds are best but paintable?

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The aluminum sheds are usually pretty inexpensive but the wooden sheds look a lot nicer and you can add architectural trim to them such as siding and shingles that match your house. You can paint either but the metal sheds tend to not look as nice IMO. There are quite a few DIY type books on building sheds at the home improvement stores. Even if you buy one to be built or ready to assemble, the book is a worthwhile read.

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Two suggestions:

First, call your city and check local regulations. When our neighbor put up a pre-fab 8x10 shed, I was surprised to hear all the rules on how deep the foundation had to be to pass inspection, how close it could be to a shared fence or other buildling, etc. I would have never factored in a foundation, that's for sure.

Second, get an 8x6 tarp and place everything you think should go in the shed on the tarp. If you have room for an 8x10, it might be worth it once you see how small the area is and how fast a lawnmower, snowblower, leaf blower, weed wacker, wheelbarrow, 2 rakes and a shovel filled the tarp!

P.S. How old are the kids? Maybe a playhouse instead of a shed?

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If you can, go with a wood shed. They look so much nicer and can be painted to match the house. My SIL has a large shed in her yard and she matched it to the house right down to adding window boxes, which are adorable.

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Our shed (which was converted from a garage to a shed when the new garage was built) is wood and it's high maintenance (has to be painted, boards replaced etc.) Can you get aluminum or vinyl siding to match the house?

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