How do you hang a wreath when you have a storm door?

marylizNovember 20, 2008

Maybe some of you detail oriented people can help me out with this. I hope this question is considered home organization.

I saw a really pretty wreath made of fake plastic conifer sprigs and pine cones. It actually was very attractive, despite my description. I was considering getting it. There were some of those wreath hangers -- the kind that is a thin band that fits over the top of the door, so that you don't have to pound a nail into your door to hang a wreath.

Very tempting. Just buy the wreath and the hanger, bring them home, and ... Presto! Instant holiday cheer for the front door.

I hesitated. What if ...?

Good thing I hesitated. When I got home, I took a careful took at our front door. We have a storm door.

What do you do to hang a wreath in that situation? How else can I decorate the door for the holidays? I don't think I can hang bells on the doorknob, because there won't be room for the storm door to close.

Anything simple, low-cost, that I can make myself? Any ideas for me?

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We use fishing line that's strong enough to support the weight of whatever we're hanging on the door. Attach it to the spring "thingie" at the top of the door on the inside. Then let the line hang down from the top of the wreath on the outside of the storm door.

All that being said - the wreath hangs on the outside of the storm door, not between the two doors. Can you visualize it from my horrible description!? LOL

Hope this helps.

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I always just put the wreath hanger on the storm door, then hang the wreath on that (not between the doors, but on the storm door). Won't the thin wreath hanger fit on yours?

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Or, another thought: I've seen houses where the wreath is hung on the side next to the door, usually under a sidelight.

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I have a two-part magnetic hanger for the glass door. It's two metal discs about three inches across. One side has a hook on it, and the other...well...not. You hold the hook side onto the outside where you want the wreath to hang, and put the other inside opposite it. The magnets are very strong, and so I hang onto the back piece as I position it and sort of creep up on the door so it doesn't leap onto the glass...I don't know if it would break the glass, but why risk it!
I am not sure where I got it...some catalog, no doubt. Maybe Martha Stewart? I bought another one at Ben Franklin last year, but the magnet wasn't strong enough to hold through my insulated glass door.

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They have the magnetic holders in Target, Walmart and other places.

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I've always done it the same as des_arc_ya_ya. Except sometimes I use green craft wire and thread it through the hardware at the inside-top of door, then over the door itself to hang the wreath.

Here is a link that might be useful: these seem pretty cool though!

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Another option.....

Here is a link that might be useful: similar concept with great reviews!

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So far, the simplicity of "hang it from the storm door on string or wire" seems to appeal the most. I'll also look for strong wreath magnets. Thanks for the warning about the magnets "leaping" onto the glass. It figures that other people with storm doors have discovered a way to display a wreath, and invented some sort of handy tool, such as the magnets.

Another idea I have is to festoon the door frame with cedar roping. I would not mind attaching small nails to the edge of the door frame. (I would use nails that don't not rust.) Perhaps an alternate warm weather decoration could be grape vines (we have plenty of those on our ten acres) twisted into a swag. Tuck in some silk flowers to add a bit of color. But that's another project for another day. For now, I just want a winter decoration.

I'll let y'all know what I figure out. I have decided that this year, I'm finally going to have some sort of Christmas decorations at my house! Something simple that makes sense for me. Instead of displaying nothing, and just storing hand-me-down stuff in boxes because I don't have time & energy to do anything with it. If we can't use it, it's time for Freecycle.

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I hang my wreath on the storm door using one of those 'strap' hangers.

The first year we had the storm door, I hung the wreath, made of real balsam tips, on the inside door, not realizing how warm it got in that space when the sun shines. Cooked that baby pronto!

Besides, it's much easier to see if hung outside. And, if you leave it up long enough, birds may make a nest in it. Don't ask me how I know....


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will a Command hook hold up in the cold?

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Good question, Talley sue nyc...I love Command hooks for my plaster walls, but haven't tried them outside. I also wondered if the suction cups would hold in the cold. Anybody know?

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I find that suction cups just give way eventually no matter what.

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Our front door is mostly double-paned glass. Wreath holders don't work because the door is too tight. Magnets don't work on double-paned glass.

Last year I actually used a large (2" or so) suction cup with a hook on it. I used green florist wire to create a loop on the wreath and then hung it from the hook on the suction cup. It stayed up, without falling off, for over a month and we have a very windy site. I didn't find the cold to be an issue (obviously, since it stayed up!). I'm in Maine, so our December to early January temps are typically in the 20s or 30s, but can go as low as 10.

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