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michie1November 4, 2004

How do you store your videos & dvds?

Currently I have an entertainment unit in my livingroom & I've placed all the videos in there - top shelf belongs to my daughter & bottom shelf to my husband & I.The entertainment unit is deep but I find that doesn't help us at all because videos that are behind others are either never seen or worse difficult to reach & then you have to move out the row in front & make a mess - making it an ordeal.

I thought about moving my daughter's movies to the basement by her playroom but as you all know by now I don't have enough storage down there either. I was wondering if maybe one of those over the door shelving units would work? I could place it on the other side of my boiler room/storage room door BUT it would only work if it fits ALL of her movies, both videos & dvd. Has anyone tried this method? Do they hold allot?

Is there a better way?


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We keep all of our videos/dvd's in the entertainment center under the tv. They are 2 rows deep on both shelves and there are also 2 shelves attached to each door. The top shelf and door shelves are for kid videos, bottom shelf is for DH & I. The key for us it that they are all alphabetized so it's easy to find what we want. I'd like a freestanding unit to hold them all, but I've never found one large enough to hold them all.


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deep storage for small stuff is a pain.

Can you get something that will work as a "drawer"? Baskets that go all the way back, or something from, that you screw into the cabinet?

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What a neat site. I don't think those shelves would work well for this though b/c they are so shallow that I can just see everytime you pull them out the videos would all come tumbling down, but the concept is great, I wish they had more like pull our drawers rather than shelves & that would really work. Does anyone know if they make them? Hmm, maybe I can have a carpenter friend construct them.

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I know I've seen those over the door units but don't recall where - does anyone kow where I can find one?


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Here's one:

Here is a link that might be useful: over-door rack

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If you go BACK to shelvesthatslide, you'll see that they make 4-7/8-inch-deep and 9-inch-deep "shelves," too, as well as shelves that slope from 2 inches in the front to 6 or so inches in the back.

The worst part of them may be that it's hard to have drawers over your head--if, indeed, that shelf is over your head. The drawer itself gets in your way of reaching the stuff in it.

If it were me, esp. since your DD is going to only get older and more competent, to put HER DVDs, etc., on the bottom, so she can have the enjoyment of "doing it herself," and mine on the top so she can't mess them up, and so I can reach them w/o bending over.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shelves that Slide, all the sizes and shapes

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Why not get rid of most of your DVD's and tapes. Why not limit yourself to the number that stores in your current storage rather than dedicate more space to clutter.

I decluttered all my tapes and bought a TIVO. I own no DVD's as I never have the urge to re-watch a movie and if I did, I would wait to capture it on TIVO. With TIVO I have no clutter and more than enough quality video programming than I could ever watch -- 80 hours worth which is constantly being updated as i erase the stuff that I've watched.

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Oh yeah. We have plenty of dvds and videos. We rewatch our favorite classics and so do the kids watch their favorite videos. I can well relate.

Here was my solution-
I have a cabinet that has doors on it. We got it at unpainted furniture. It fits into a small corner of my house. It holds a lot.

The bottom cupboard is for my kids. They keep their videos in there. Every so often I have to go through and cull out the old unwatched ones and match covers to videos. But really, it's their space. If they can't find a video, it's their problem. The top shelves are for husband and myself- videos, dvds, and cds are there.

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I have the over the door one. It fits on the door of our "game closet" and works quite nicely although it did fill up quickly. I guess we have more DVDs and videos than I thought. I have disciplined myself enough that if I buy a new one an old one has to go.

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I took all my DVDs out of their cases and put the discs into a CD book-type organizer. I took all the cases and put them in a box in the basement. The book is very handy and compact and I've organized the DVD's by catagories, Chick Flix, Action Movies, etc. I've also copied my VHS tapes (TV recordings) over to DVDs and tossed the tapes, I keep those discs in a separate organizer.

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Still haven't tackled this area.


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Actually I attempted to order one of those over the door video storage units but it turns out they stopped making them. I had done a search & wasn't able to find it elsewhere. The one someone posted about is to small with only 3 shelves. Does anyone know where I may find them?


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I purged out a lot of my video stuff. I'm down to like 7 VHS tapes and that's stuff that I was involved in the production of. I was part of the tech crew on a local PBS production that is no longer in production. There are also a couple of other VHS that are not available in DVD... But pretty much all the VHSs I had are gone. And since I purged my old VHS player and never felt compelled (yet?) to replace it, I really would love to get what I do have on VHS onto DVDs and then I can actually watch them :)

I also have (but it's in offsite storage and about to be purged in this next 30 days) a complete full set of pre-recorded VHSes of the Red Dwarf series. I'm giving these to a friend who really wants them and is a huge Red Dwarf fan. I've started to get them on DVD as they become available from the BBC.

For DVDs, while I love movies, I'm not really good at re-watching a lot of movies. So unless it's a huge favorite, I find that I'll just rent them through my Freedom Pass thing at Blockbuster. But I own about 7 DVDs. When my ex and I split up in December, he took the lion's share of the DVDs that we had gotten together. He's much more of a movie watcher and also some of the titles were family or kids stuff that are for his kid or we watched as a family.

For storage, I have a simple 5 shelf media rack that holds CDs, DVDs, and VHSes. It's not the best. But it's simple wood, with open slanted shelves. Stuff sometimes doesn't "sit" it in very well. But it seems to fit my needs. I've taken to putting those small "crate" looking like wood things on the shelves for cd storage specifically. This totally avoids stuff on the ends (cds) from sliding off (and falling) sideways through the bottom of a shelf.

Most of what I have are CDs (music CDs). I have software CDs as well but those are stored in my home office and there's not many of them (under 20). Most have tar images online and often it's only install media that was burned just for a specific install. Which means I should purge them :)

But music CDs, I do really need to purge. Between what I have in my office at work and what I have at home, some 200+ If I brought what I have at work home, I would be overflowing that rack. Time to purge.

I also find my music tastes vary over time and season and moods, etc. So something that I'm not into this month, I've love the month after.

I have started to rip and burn my own music. I have a subscription to I just haven't mastered the whole process and often find that I simply love some of my favorite albums (on CD) that are bought as-is from the usual outlets. And many, many were bought YEARS ago. All the way back to the 80s :) I do play MP3s on my PDA. But nothing beats cranking up my old fashioned stereo at home.

At work the speakers on my computer are "okay" but I listen often with headphones anyways. I eventually see that I will have a basic MP3 player plugged into my home stereo system. I'm in no rush though. It will happen when that time comes that I'm doing more rip'ing (to MP3) only and not as much burning to CD. Right now when I do rip something off a music streaming service, I tend to burn it onto CD as well.

Well basically my media storage is a simple open rack.

I too have a TiVo (in fact 3, including retired ones that I need to purge) and that is most of my TV viewing. I have all my shows set up and what doesn't get watched gets replaced automatically by newer incoming content. It is a wonderful way to go.


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