truly amazing.. 1600's

reeree_naturalOctober 24, 2007

Hi old house admirers

I posted this link on "what was it about your old house.... " I wanted to give it a new post as I think this is amazing. This house is an original 1690 house that has been restored and now for about history.. they decorated it they way it was back in the day..notice the pilgram hat on the chair, and the feather pens on the table.....I enjoyed seeing it, ( I went to an open house a few weeks ago and got to see it in person.. ) hope you enjoy it too! Ree

Here is a link that might be useful: 1600's house restored

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Wow, that's one you'd want to buy with the furniture, too! Thanks for posting.

It's funny what "old" is. I live in Oregon, where my 1929 house is "old". In Ohio, where I grew up, 1929 isn't old at all. My aunt lives in an 1840's house and thinks nothing of it. And in England, where I spent part of my childhood, 1929 is practically new! When my parents were looking at house, the realtor apologized for a house that was "only" from the seventeenth century!

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Only from the 17th funny! isn't it funny how different people perceive age? I have been looking at that house on line for a while..finally I just had to go see it (not to buy..I guess I was just a tire but it was truly amazing..the bones from this house is still there, a lot was original, ..I just love this stuff, it fascinates me to see these structures still standing of that age and in really great condition. (The house was moved to that location back when , it was a few miles away..made it through that too in one piece! )

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Wow, that is amazing! It's furnished to perfection ... although to me, it seems almost museum-like, because it is so period perfect.

xantippe, my house was built in 1940, and it's considered "old" in my area!

My friends in England live in a thatched roof cottage that dates from the early 1600s. It's a wonderful place - full of character and history -- low ceilings with beams (my 6'2" brother had to duck in certain rooms when he visited), a steep, narrow little staircase leading to the second floor bedrooms, etc. -- but my friends have updated it (according to a strict code, I might add) to enable them to live in modern comfort. They added a spa-like bathroom to the upstairs that rivals anything I've seen in a brand new custom-built home.

Thanks for sharing the link, Ree. It was a real treat to see that property!

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This state apparently has the distinction of having the oldest house in the country:

Here is a link that might be useful: Old house in Santa Fe

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That dining room fireplace is so great!

What's the brass thing in front of it?

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What a treat. Thank you!

When we were fixing up our old 1910 house, I went to Spain to visit my daughter, who was there for her junior year abroad. I got into a conversation with a Spanish woman during the long plane ride, and was going on and on about my old house. She said she lived in an old house too, in the south of Spain. From the 9th century. After that I shut up.

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The brass thing in front of the fireplace looks like it's a reflector oven.

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My son-in-law's parents lived in a house so old in England that above the door were hatch marks indicating how many people in that residence died when the plague hit. Mine is a relative newcomer at 1820s. LOL.

I still cringe when I think of all the ancient homes torn down or "remodeled" here with cheap paneling and dropped ceilings and their tiled fireplaces with heavy mantels decoupaged and painted. argh.

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9th century? geezz..I can't close my mouth..I
canÂt even imagine a house that old.. wow! Thanks for sharing! Ree

Mary1000 & kframe19
Yes! That was a heat reflector! I really enjoyed seeing this house.. incredible! Ree

That is something! Hatch marks.. what history!
I get the same feeling when people rip down old homes, or make them so modern you would never know they once had so much beauty and charm. The girl who lived here before us ripped out all the built innÂs.. I was sick! We have been adding architectural details back to the house , you wouldnÂt know they were not original. To me, if something needs to be removed, replace it as close to original as possible, to give it back what it lost. Some need to learn the difference between restoration & remodel !
I am with you on that for sure! Ree

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9th century?

I met someone who told me that in renovating his home and grounds in England he came on large cut stones in his backyard that became larger the deeper he dug. He called in the authorities who confirmed he was living atop a Roman-era graveyard. (Roman rule was from 43AD to their final expulsion by the Saxons in the Sixth Century.)

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OMG!!! imagine that!!! I think I would move! (smile)

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The 1600's is one beautiful home!!! Thank you for the link.

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The 9th century house in southern Spain was built by the Moors, who had taken over that area at the time. Blew me away, and I'm very careful when talking to Europeans or Asians on the subject now. This is a younger continent.

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