Angled kitchen cabinets....

Maura63November 10, 2006

I have two base cabinets at the end of each counter section that are angled. 24" on the side it connects with the remaining cabinets, maybe 16" on the "out" side. This limits items that can be stored here. The shelves are narrow and stuff in the back is difficult to access. On some shelves I have a plastic shoe box and the contents are inside. There is a little remaining space behind the shoe box for less frequently used stuff. There 3 adjustable shelves in each.

In one (closest to sink) I have clean dish towels, cat food, and water bottles (refillable) and travel coffee mugs.

In the other (closest to stove) there are potatoes on the bottom, cooking oil in the middle, and plastic bags on the top.

I'm just wondering if I am looking over the "obvious".

If you have lower cabinets like these, what do you keep in them?

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mine has cat food supplies in one ( food bags, cans and dishes)
and another has a coffee maker and filters I only use for a crowd.

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I have my cookbooks in the one I have like that. It's a 3 shelf unit. THe largest books are on the bottom working the way up to the top with those little paperback flyer ones my mom keeps getting me!

It's just deep enough to hold the book in the back, with space in the front of the book for the one i'm using at the moment to sort of lean against the wall.

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I have my gladware/tupperware containers in mine.

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