My Sofa Is Gone!

kittiemomNovember 25, 2005

My antique one, that is. I posted a while ago that I was having trouble deciding what to do with it. I finally relented & allowed DH to take it to our favorite charity. He told me I made someone's day, because several people in the store just loved it & wanted to buy it when it came in the door.

I also sent away my old iron bed. We had a full size for years & finally switched to a queen. We had intended to put it in our second bedroom so we could have a guest room. But we had decided that we needed to structure our home for the way we live. How often would we be having overnight guests? Not very often. I also purged several boxes of books, clothes, & misc. household stuff. It does feel good to be free of it!

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I am so PROUD of you! I remember the agony you went through over the sofa. Good reasoning on the bed, too.


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I'm sure you DID make someone's day! Once you really start having the items in your home tailored to how you actually live, I'm sure the spaces will become so much more comfortable. (don't forget to take your deducation)

It was hard for me to arrange our home based on our needs. We were doing a whole house remodel and I know how we live in the house doesn't fit the "norm." I'll just worry about resale in 15 years.



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When we downsized our living quarters, we got rid of the sofas and ALSO the diningroom table.

did youever notice how only a couple people ever sit on the sofa? We use two recliners and two wing back chairs and a wooden rocker.

the thing I miss the most is the diningroom table. Not because we ate at it. We didn't. It's just the idea that we should have a table. Everbody has a table, so we should too. We didn't have room for it and it just collected STUFF.

We have an open floor plan with an eating counter dividing the kitchen from the great(?) room. We have very little company for meals so it made no sense to keep it. but I still wish I had room for a table


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DH said they were raving in the store about the beautiful upholstery. I was thinking about how much time I spent going through fabric samples to find the perfect upholstery to match my Aubusson rug. It was difficult, but I'm glad I did it.

We kept the two chairs that match it & may have them reupholstered later. We can use them for now. We're going to move the den sofa into the living room & use it until we get a new one. When we're ready to redocorate the room, we're getting a slipcovered sofa.

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my sympathies and congratulations!

I know it's hard to let go of something like that, esp. if you've actually invested creativity in it (and not just DREAMED of investing creativity in it, which is all I can do, LOL!)

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It's just the idea that we should have a table.

When my son was in 6th grade he had an unmarried teacher who also had no table. Somehow the two facts became intertwined in the the kids' minds. One day she mentioned that she was having a table delivered. One kid said, "Oh, you must be getting married." The teacher was confused/embarrassed because, in fact, she was engaged but hadn't announced it to the students yet.

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We couldn't live without a table. We literally live around the thing. I've hated when I only had an eating bar. Need a table and chairs to feel comfortable.


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