How do you use your sofa table?

oakleyokFebruary 6, 2009

If I decide to put my sofa in the middle of the room, I'll get a sofa table. I have a question though about lighting. We always have lamps on our end tables for reading, would a lamp on a sofa table look out of place if there are matching lamps nearby on the end tables? Or should the sofa table lamp be smaller and more on the decorative side, and maybe for subtle lighting when the lamps aren't in use?

Do any of you use a lamp on a sofa table along with lamps on the end table next to the sofa?

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I'd do one or the other, but not both. I am all about function first! If you don't need another lamp, why put one there? :-) Think about getting outlets put in the floor near the end tables before the hickory goes in, if you haven't done so already.

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Our family room has a sofa floating in the middle of the room with a sofa table behind it and tables at both ends. I do think that a lamp on each would be overkill and look bad, besides. I have a downbridge floor lamp on one side behind the small, antique humidor table (which is actually too small to hold a lamp, IMO. I also have a lamp on the sofa table (actually, it's a credenza). It has a 3-way bulb, so that I can turn it up high to read or low for atmosphere. It's set on the opposite side of the credenza from the floor lamp. I think this arrangement works well for our room.
I've since replaced the white glass shade with one that goes better with the stained glass shade.

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Very nice, Lynn! Amy, we have an outlet and phone jack in the middle of the floor. I plan on cutting a square in the area rug when we lay it, IF it goes over the outlet. I plan on having the rug until I die, so whomever gets it when I'm gone, it will be their problem. lol. But I will save the square I cut out to sew back in if we move or flip the rug over. It's braided so it won't be noticeable.

Trim starts next week. Yahoo!

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I agree with Amy - only do one or the other. We have a sofa table with a pair of lamps. Plugs are hidden under sofa. I've kept the end tables free for other things.

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Thanks! You know, one thing to consider for a sofa table is, Do I need extra storage? We had a regular sofa table before and, while it worked wonderfully to hold a lamp and a couple framed photos of our kids, the space below it was wasted. When we looked for a replacement, I decided I wanted this piece to do double-duty. I ended up getting this credenza/buffet. It's actually narrower than the sofa table was, and has great closed storage besides. I store all my cookbooks, plus the phone books and some dvds there, as it's within easy reach of where I sit to plan out my meals and make phone calls. But, it could easily store photo albums, lots of dvds, cds, books, etc. Anyhoo, it's just something to consider while you're out shopping for furniture. Here's a pic of it from the other side. The hardware is antique pewter, but does not stand out like that IRL; it must be the flash that did it.

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Did you ever see the film Starting Out in the Evening? The Frank Langella character is a writer and I remember noticing that his rooms had layered lamps. I found it so validating. I move lamps around a lot because I read everywhere and need a lot of light. I have pain issues and DH has vision issues and the "rules" be damned around here. So, sometimes we end up with end table lamps and console lamps. I've gotten used to it, but I remove one or the other when we have big parties and fundraisers--so I can look "proper." LOL!

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At our lake house...a big A frame(needed the division with a sofa table) - it has electric under the couch - we have an old antique sofa table with light on the right hand side of the table. We have an end table with lamp on the left hand side of sofa with a chair on the other side of end table - caddy corner. Make any sense at all?? We love to go up there & read - so person in chair & left hand end of couch have light......person on right hand end of couch have their own light.
Only one end table, thou. Coffee table out front for feet & drinks:)


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