My new kitchen plans

annkh_ndFebruary 11, 2013

After living in our house for 24 years, and dreaming of a new kitchen for 15, we're finally going to do it!

Small, U-shaped kitchen, cheap builder-grade cabinets, horribly inefficient use of space. There is a vaulted ceiling over the kitchen and adjacent dining room. No vented hood.

Attached is a link showing photos of the current kitchen, and drawings of the layout and plans. Photobucket wouldn't let me change the order of the photos. Custom cabinets by a local builder.

Layout changes:
- replacing the desk area with built-in pantry and desk. I never sit at the desk, so the clutter will simply be behind doors
- moving the fridge 8" toward the dining room (to be hidden by the built-in pantry)
- cabinet run opposite the fridge will also be extended 8"
- move DW next to fridge (I realize it's farther from the sink, but will provide better access to dish cupboards)
- move stove 12" to right, to provide more prep space on left side

Functional changes:
- range hood with good air flow and light
- replace left lazy susan with angled cupboard and super susan
- trash drawer
- smaller sink base (30" vs current 48")
- cookie sheet cab right of sink
- upper corners L-shaped instead of angled
- more drawers
- built-in cutting board
- uppers to 8' instead of 7'

Cosmetic changes:
- flooring - stone-look vinyl tile, light color
- wall color (cream)
- haven't decided on quartz vs laminate countertops - waiting for price differential from builder. Either will be dark, reddish-brown family

Fun changes:
- Undercabinet lighting!

Here is a link that might be useful: AnnKH's kitchen pics and plans

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You will get more responses if you post your layout and photos directly in your post. You can post mulitple photos in one post. I did one of yours but I'll let you do the rest : )

On each photo click share, links, then the third option down (html). It will say copied, then post right in your post. You will see the photo in the preview.

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Consider drawers for both areas rather than pull outs. I wish I had more drawers!

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DebraK, thank so much - I couldn't figure out how to do that since Photobucket changed their format (I looked at Share, but didn't follow through to Links).

My current outdated, inefficient kitchen (I could like with outdated if the function was better):

Desk area (this is why I want to enclose it):

Planned layout:

Pantry/desk: the right-hand side is 12" deep; the left-hand side is 20" deep, and will contain an enclosed desk area with two outlets.

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robo (z6a)

Since you never sit at the desk, why not get rid of it completely and do more pantry space?

I'd be thinking hard about getting that dishwasher on the back wall. Just my Strong personal preference for dishwasher right next to (in your case, to the left of) sink. You can sacrifice one super Susan for a blind half moon slide out since you're getting all that pantry space by jettisoning the desk.

And yes! Go for drawers over pull outs. A pullout is a wannabe drawer.

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Your kitchen is the SAME layout as mine! Mine must be 24" wider on the sink wall, because I have the DW next to the sink. I think it is quite an efficient layout.
I think I would notch the fridge run back to 12" depth to fit the DW next to the sink. I would also make a pull out pantry next to the fridge, with your desk area in the corner. And make the lowers drawers, not pull outs behind doors.


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"I think I would notch the fridge run back to 12" depth to fit the DW next to the sink."

I don't understand what this means. Make the base cab 12" on one side, as long as the open DW door? My counter space is so limited, I hate to give up a thing. There is a bathtub on the other side of the fridge wall - the wall isn't moving.

I don't have room for sink and DW on the same wall unless the sink is off-center from the window. Wouldn't that look weird?

As for the desk area: I am not organized/dedicated enough to deal with paperwork the minute it touches my hands. I need a place to put unpaid bills, unsent Christmas cards, items for my next Church Council meeting - the stuff that is currently ON the desk (and in the cabinet above). If I don't have a dedicated spot, things get piled up on the dining room table (which is our only table). Having file drawers readily accessible will make it a lot easier to manage paperwork. One of the small drawers will be a "junk" drawer (which actually is well organized - small tools, glue, rubber bands, etc) that is currently in the kitchen.

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Can you put a larger window in? I would get rid of the diagnal cabinet to the left of the sink. I would try on graph paper doing a layout you can play around with. I would put the dw to the right or left of the sink on the window wall. Many sinks are not centered on windows.

Google: gardenweb sink not centered on window

You will get alot of posts to look at.

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robo (z6a)

I too was obsessed with sink centered on window because I too have a really short end of U on a window like you. But then I looked at my current kitchen - sink is 6" off the window! And I never noticed! And my window is a casement with a bar down the middle which is totally off from my cabinet doors!

You can mitigate the effect of moving sink slightly off centre by, for example, having an offset faucet (in your case you'd be looking for the faucet to shift slightly to the left), and by making the cabinets on either side of the window different e.g. open shelving on one side, glass on the other. Something like that to minimize the feeling that EVERYTHING is symmetrical except the sink. I think it helps if the window is big enough that the vast majority of the sink still sits under the window. In your case since your sink cab is currently SO wide, I think you have some room to play with.

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I appreciate all the feedback! As long as we are still in the paper stage, I'm willing to look at other options.

Even if I had more room, I'm not inclined to put the DW next to the sink. When sitting at the dining table, or even walking into the kitchen, what I see now is wood. I would rather have the cabinetry be what draws the eye, rather than the DW. The proposed DW placement is near the cupboard where we keep dishes (and is near where we have it now, so we know how it works). I don't pre-wash dishes, so most go directly from the table to the DW. Pull-out garbage is right next to the DW, for cleanup.

DH is set on keeping one set of cabinet doors below. Knowing what's going to be in there, I don't disagree - I think most of the time we'll be able to open a door to get what we need, without pulling the shelf out at all. I did convince him that drawers would be better to the left of the stove, based on what will be kept there. He doesn't ask for a whole lot!

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Annkh, congrats on your anticipated new kitchen! My newly remodeled kitchen is about the same size as yours. In fact the middle of my U is 116". As you have planned, I have a 36" diagonal corner base cabinet in the left corner. I suggest my solution, a 27" diagonal corner wall cabinet above it. Three Rev-a-Shelf 20" D-shape trays with steel bearings are inside that wall cabinet. There is no center pole; each tray simply sits on a shelf. That baby holds a ton of stuff and brings more storage outward into a small kitchen. I even have seldom used small items, such as parfait glasses, sitting in the unused corners. In case you are interested, has those trays for a great price, $33.50 each. I wouldn't leave a dead, unused corner in a small kitchen. My kitchen has a 33" "Easy Reach" cabinet in the right corner. This is something like the bifold cabinet door you now have in your left corner, except there is no lazy susan, just a shallow single shelf (18" deep) to allow easier access to the bottom.
This cabinet only has an 11" wide opening but many items can be turned on their side. Mine holds a large cake carrier, a George Foreman grill, large Corningware pieces, muffin tins, cake pans, and baking sheets stored on their sides in tray racks, plus other items. This cabinet may serve your DH's issue regarding the need for shelf storage. Also, your 36" sink cabinet has room to store large items. Mine holds a bread maker, a Kitchenaid stand mixer, coffee maker, plus a pull out for cleaning items. That would then allow you to have a 27" wide drawer bank on either side of the range. On the left side of your sink, I suggest a 6" wide, 24" deep, 5 drawer "apothecary" cabinet. They're great for holding rolling pins, small items like potatoe peelers, rolled up tea towels, napkins, spices, or cake decorating supplies. If interested, you can google + apothecary base cabinet. That should pull up a page of their cabinets. About 2/3 down the page, on the far right look for Apothecary base w/Dwr fronts-Bapth to see the cabinet I am recommending. A 9" wide tray cabinet could then fit to the right of the sink cabinet. A 1" wide folding stool could be stored in here for handy access to the top shelves, plus other things like a slide out towel holder. A 15" wide wall cabinet with a glass door and lit inside could go on either side of your sink window to help make that wall the focal point of your kitchen. One final thought, a counter depth refrigerator would make your kitchen look larger since it would not protrude much beyond the base cabinets. Anyway, these are just some thoughts for you to mull over. Good luck and can't wait to eventually see the final product.

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Thanks, Texas!

No way on glass doors. I have a china hutch in the dining room for all my china and crystal - I don't really have anything more to display.

I have diagonal corner uppers now, and despise them. I've looked at the Rev-a-shelf D's, but I would rather have the larger door space I'll get with the L-shaped upper corners. I also feel that L uppers will open up the space a bit more, since it isn't a very wide space.

The corner between sink and stove is not readily accessible, but won't be blocked off. I am planning to put non-kitchen storage items in that space. I'm adding enough space elsewhere that I don't need to use that space for kitchen stuff, and I am really excited about the drawers beside the stove. They are too good to pass up!

We currently use the 3/4 LS on the left for storage containers (we have 2 teenagers, DH cooks huge meals and we have a lot of leftovers). I plan to use the new SS the same way. The diagonal also gives me a little more counter space. My Mom has one in her (similarly-sized) kitchen, and I like it.

Appliances are not in the current budget - much less counter-depth. I agree that it would look great! Our electrician made the same comment - though his suggestion was to bump back the wall behind the fridge (that's not in the budget either).

I'm going to a 30" sink cab. That gives me more room on the left for tray storage, and wider drawers on the right.

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Reading your reply sounds like me before my remodel--you've lived with your kitchen and know exactly how your family uses it so you have a very set layout in which you have put a great deal of thought. I especially like the wall of cabinets to the side of the fridge, across from the kitchen table. I say go with your plan and please allow us the pleasure of seeing your results. I've found that posting on the forum may not give one new ideas but the process helps to clarify the thought process and clear the cobwebs.

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Mostly I want to share my excitement with people who appreciate it! My kids will scream if they hear the word "kitchen" one more time...

I have looked forward to this for so very long - I can hardly believe it's finally going to happen! Every time I go into the kitchen now, I think "Soon I will have doors that stay closed!" or "Soon I'll have a logical place for potholders!"

The anticipation is half the fun.

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Annkh, I'm really excited for you!!! Just think, soon you'll walk into your new kitchen and think, "I can't believe this awesome kitchen is all mine!!! Click on Texasgal47 for my email if you just want me to give a shout out. I can relate to the part about your kids not wanting to hear anymore about the remodel. When I first informed both grown sons about the decision to redo the kitchen, they said, "Why? It looks nice enough." (With builder grade cabinets) Now son #2 and his wife have upgraded their kitchen after seeing my transformation.

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