What's happened to me??? HELLP!!! :))

moo_October 22, 2007

I was just driving along, minding my own business when- I saw it.

1850's georgian colonial.

I've never been even remotely drawn to old houses. They all smell like old musty antique stores which I also dispise. (I'm sure that I'm not making friends here, but bare with me)-

Anyhoo, I've known the house was there and for some unknown reason found myself at it's front door.

No- it's not for sale. And yet, here I stand, knocking on the door. Feeling giddy as a kid on Christmas morning!

It's too long of a story but I need to share it! I simply must have this house! I was invited in and further fell in love.

Short version is that it "might" be for sale in a few years. Until then I day dream about the black and white parkay floors, long columned porches, screen doors and opposing fireplaces.

I have this conviction that I am meant to be there.

I know I'm making no sense, so much of this I'm leaving out because it's so personal and odd. I'm not a sentimental person at ALL.

But, it's a house with such a pull. It has this uncanny "happy energy". I've driven by it for no less than 30 years never realizing it was just beyond the trees...

And still, I know that with all the impossibilites that lay before me, I KNOW that one day this house will be mine. Perhaps, if only because it is my intention to have it.

Thanks for listening. -Moo

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Not strange at all. If you do some reading you will find most of us feel a draw toward the homes we live in.
I walked in the door of our old house and knew I was home.

While your waiting for your dream to come true start reading up on old houses and their "problems" You will be ahead of the game that way.

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That's often the way it happens! We never intended to buy an old house. As an afterthought the realtor suggested we look at the one we have now, and I walked about 5 feet in the door and I was sold on it. And now there's another old house about 3 blocks from this one that my husband and I have had our eyes on for over a year...we're waiting for it to come up for sale. I asked my husband if he'd be willing to buy it and he said "You bet!"

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I couldn't believe what I was reading. The OP wrote my thoughts. This exact same thing happened to me! It's been about three years now since I first~~saw it.

Long story short, we had driven through this town once before and as we passed through the area I felt this strangeness come upon me. I brushed it off but it had always lingered. I always felt compelled to go back and a few months later, I did. I don't know what it was but something was pulling me there. I have no family or friends from that area, and had only passed by that town a few times to other destinations.

So anyway, I can't explain it but I kept driving around looking. I don't know what I was looking for, it is soooo bizarre to explain. But something drew me there to that area. I later explained to my DH that it felt as though someone grabbed my shirt and was pulling me there. I have felt that way every single day since we first drove through the downtown area.

We had recently moved into a new home. So what would compel me to this town?

When I first got there, I went to the Main Street area and was just driving around. While looking around, there was a house that caught my heart. It caught my heart before my eyes because I felt that house is what had been pulling me there. When I first passed the house I slowed and just stared at it. I don't know why. There wasn't anything special about the home's exterior that would catch one's eye. So I made the block and passed it again, and again, and again. It's the strangest thing, but it wasn't until I had passed the house about the third time that I noticed a for sale sign in the yard. Do you believe that?

So anyway, I didn't know what the crap was going on so I finally left and headed home. Long, long story short. I tried to put that house out of my thoughts for weeks, until one day I decided to check the listing to see if it were still listed and what the inside may possibly look like. When I pulled the listing up, my breath caught! I couldn't believe how beautiful it was on the inside. It was as if someone had decorated it just for me. I was shocked! Everything about it was amazing.

An even longer story short, one day DH, the kids and I were passing through this town again and I asked DH to drive by so I could see the house again. My heart was beating so fast because I didn't want to see that someone had moved into it. I don't know why, but my heart races and starts beating so fast when I go anywhere near it. I become so scared/nervous at the thought of someone else moving into this house. So anyway, we pull up, the for sale sign is still there, and I decided to get out and peep through the windows. (the house was empty btw) lol

Before I got out, you would have thought I was going to speak before millions, my heart was racing, I felt light-headed, I was giddy, afraid, excited, all in one. I was trying to explain all these feelings to my DH. I asked him why I was feeling this way, and my daughter says at that moment, "It's your destiny Momma."

It was one of those light-bulb moments because I knew my daughter was right. She had to be. What else could it be?

And as the OP stated perfectly, "And still, I know that with all the impossibilites that lay before me, I KNOW that one day this house will be mine. Perhaps, if only because it is my intention to have it."

Without writing a book about what's happened since that time, I wanted to ask others here:

What do you think this is when things like this happens?

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My grandmother would have said it was one of two things...either you were there in a previous life, or you had ancestors, from whom you inherited certain feelings or attractions. She was from Scotland and people considered her a bit fey :)

The other possibility would be you saw something similar as a child, maybe in a movie or read about it in a book and a certain style appeals to you. That wouldn't explain the pull towards a certain place, unless you had visited it or driven past the house many years ago (even as a child) and didn't remember it.

Third possibility would be something or someone was drawing you to the home...you might want to check the haunted post, if you think that might be the case. There are some interesting observations there.

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I was born in a different state from which we currently reside and we never visited this one ever. I was thinking about what you wrote Lavender Lass and one day in the town the house is located, I did see a lady who looked as though she could be my Mother's sister.

I called my Mother later that day and asked her did we have family here because I saw someone who looked very much like her. I kept staring at the lady because her mannerisms and features were so much like my Mom's.

I never made the connection until I read your post.

That's peculiar.

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I was first fascinated with older homes a half century ago with repeated visits to Sagamore Hill and the Vanderbilt's summer mansion on Long Island.

Sagamore Hill, Home (1885-1919) of President Teddy Roosevelt

When I grew up, I discovered these were the exceptions, that most old homes weren't all that wonderful. None of them have "called to me".

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Flowermum- You should think about checking into your family genaeology (probably spelled that wrong). There's a good possibility that you have relatives in the area and maybe that's part of the connection you feel. It would be interesting to see if you have any family there, or even more interesting, any family that ever lived in the house :)

I don't know much about "genetic memory" or whatever it's called, but I have read that sometimes people can feel quite at home, when they go back to the "old country". My grandmother used to say that she felt like she could almost tell you what was around the corner, when she saw a few of the old villages in Scotland...and that was on TV.

While I've never experienced that feeling, exactly, I certainly think it makes sense that you might feel comfortable in an area with some sort of connection to your family and background.

My mom and grandmother always felt a connection to anything Scottish, loved bagpipes, etc. while I always thought they sounded loud and brassy. I feel much more at home watching the Quiet Man and listening to Irish music. Both are in our background, so who's to say! :)

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Ah, the powers of the mythical folkemind, so beloved of German nationalists for 40 years!

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Something similar with my current house...but not quite so much. I didn't feel a "pull" necessarily, but I did feel a pull to this neighborhood for some reason. We knew we wanted to live in this neighborhood so we were very finicky about finding a house here. Something in me said, "this is where you need to live". It's so historic and old and beautiful. Sometimes I would drive around this neighborhood just for the hell of it because I felt so drawn here.

The moment we walked in our house I knew it had to be ours. We almost lost it and I was heartbroken but we got it and couldn't be happier.

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Worthy- Although I am part German, Wagner has never appealed to me :)

Krycek- Sounds like it was meant to be. Have you posted pictures of your house? I'd love to see them!

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lisascenic Urban Gardener, Oakland CA

I dunno. If you hate antique stores, I can't quite imagine how you plan to furnish "your" home.

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