help with exterior of old stone school house

mufflerOctober 5, 2009

Hi, we're looking for some help with redoing the exterior of a stone house (originally schoolhouse) which we added to. We changed the window and door size so probably don't want to leave original stone as some is now missing. We are considering stone front with siding around sides, or cape cod wood siding with crown molding over door and windows, or partial stone and wood siding. Any suggestions? Can email pics. (don't know how to post) Thanks

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Found a site to use for pics. for stone house

Here is a link that might be useful:

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It's an interesting little house and I love to see old country schoolhouses being saved and made into homes and loved. I have one down the country road from me, and I have had customers relate to how they walked across the fields between us with buckets in the morning to go to our spring head and pull up water for the school to use during the day.

I'm sure this is going to be darling when you finish. Just a comment, however. I don't believe this structure is quarried stone. At least from the photograph is looks to be a concrete block, a designer type, textured on the outside to resemble stone. Our county has a lot of quarries near the river and stone and concrete product manufactories and I've seen this product before in early twentieth century buildings. It's just got a finish too consistent to be stone.

It looks to me as if you have 'dropped' the level of the windows and I'm wondering how you are going to finish off the space above where they used to be? And around the door?

Good luck on your project, I have no suggestions yet. Keep us abreast of your work, will you? It's fun to watch old structures come back to life.

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Are you sure it's real stone and not cast store or rusticated concrete masonry units?

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Thanks for your replies. You're right-it is a manufactured block. We neglected to use the right term as everyone around here always called it the old stone school house. We have pretty much decided to use cape cod wood siding as other older school houses used that around here and seems to be less expensive than our other options. Will post a picture when it's done. Thanks.

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