Enclosed porches - what type of door?

maureeninmdOctober 24, 2011

It is common in this area to see porches on old houses that have been enclosed at some point. They are often pretty ugly, but it is easy to understand why people do this.

My back porch was enclosed a long time ago and has a ugly vinyl storm door that opens outwards, as usual. I'd like to replace this door with something more attractive. I am unsure whether I should get a better-looking storm door or use a wood exterior door (that usually open inwards). The door frame is only about 33" wide.

This is a 1930s center-hall colonial. The back door is used 95% of the time. Door opening is only about 33". Front and back house doors are 12-paned wood doors. Most windows are 6 over 6.

Any ideas, pictures, suggestions?



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Maureen, a picture would be of great help, as you don't say HOW the porch has been done; is it with screen only, or glass--and what type of windows they are? The rest of the house having 6/6 is not much help if the porch isn't also done with those.

I'd try to match the house's main doors, so that later on, you might do the rest of the enclosure in such a way that it matches the style of the rest of the house.

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I forgot to mention that important detail - the enclosure is modern sliding windows at the top and wall at the bottom. Rebuilding this enclosure is not on our to-do list (it's too long already).

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We'd like to add an enclosed porch to our home eventually, and I have a house near me with a very attractive glassed-in porch. DH has our camera out of town, with him, so I can't take a pic to post. Basically, It has a series of 9 over 6 windows on 3 sides, with 1 window omitted and a door instead. The door is a very solid, older, wooden storm door that opens into the porch. They seem to have a screen panel and a glass panel for the door which they change with the seasons. The door itself has 1 largish raised panel at the botton, and the interchangable part takes up about 3/4 of the door height. Sorry if my description seems muddled.
Good Luck

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