Beadboard cabinets... thoughts?

LCaroline12February 12, 2014

After browsing through hundreds of cabinet styles, I kept getting drawn to the antique white beadboard style, sort of like this picture. One person we talked to warned us that they're hard to clean, but another man with beadboard cabinets said he's never had issues with cleaning. I'm not married to the idea, so right now I'm just getting input. Thanks!

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Oh, I have those all over my master bedroom. Those, and the flat panel kind w/out the beadboard.

I'd tend to say that if they were unfinished, or the texture of the beadboard panel were rough, yes they would be. However, with paint and a clear coat, a nice squirt of windex should do the trick.

Someone's always finding something hard to clean. Maybe if they did it a little more often....?

I happen to think these are very attractive and very, wonderfully traditional.

It might be that these are beaded inset which absolutely make my eyes roll back in my head I love them so much.

Thanks for the eye candy as I get ready to run out for Wine and Cookie Dough before the blizzard starts.

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Thank you! Enjoy your wine and cookie dough and stay warm!

I'm laughing at your comment about cleaning more often! I'm getting tired of unsolicited family member input. I think I'm just going to come here from now on and get input from folks who might actually have experience! ;)

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CEF, I'm surprised the bottom of the refrigerator doesn't drive you nuts!

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There's a bottom to the refrigerator? Is it dirty? [moan] Ohhhhh, no.....

Oh - you're talking about the picture.
Shhhhh. I was trying not to get distracted. Yes, that's pretty odd. Even a white grate installed down there would be more symmetrical and less eye-grabbing.

BUT! (big butt) This isn't LCaroline's kitchen. It's some crazy person's who can live with things not lining up. If we're looking, that trash pull-out and the tiny, stupidly skinny drawer stack on the right should be combined into a 24" cabinet with a top drawer and a bottom trash pull-out.
12" drawer stacks are really pretty useless.

Now look what you've started!

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In the right house and in the right location. Where I live in the Pacific Northwest in the 'burbs of young, hip Portlandia...I bet they don't sell many. Where my family lives in quaint Cape Cod, yes.

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My old kitchen had beadboard cabinets , I didn't think it was a big deal cleaning them.

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The showhome for our builder has them installed so many of my new neighbor's will be having them. From experience in working with selling new homes many buyers will do the same finishings as the showhome as its easy and they already know what it looks like.

Beadboard cabinets are very nice I agree, in the right setting. The houses in our new neighborhood are supposed to resemble brownstones. Not sure if beadboard cabinets go with brownstone though?

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How messy of a cook are you? Kids running around? My SIL has beadboard cabs in her kitchen, and yes, when I've been over there, it is harder to clean than my cabinets. But... I will lovingly say that cleaning might not be her forte and she has 4 kids... every drip down the cabinet door... splash... sticky fingers... dirt gets into the grooves and it is harder than wiping a splash or sticky fingerprint off of my flat cabinet door.

So, if you run a fairly tight kitchen and don't have splashes, spills and sticky fingers on a routine basis, you are probably ok with beadboard cabs. If you do, you might be digging in those crevices to get out dirt and muck.

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My cabinetmaker asked if I wanted beaded inset beadboard doors and I can't picture it and wonder if the "beaded" part will look too busy with the beadboard (KD planted this concern in my head). Can someone post a picture perhaps? Thx.

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LCaroline's picture is of beaded inset, beadboard cabinets.
Evidently it's so not-busy you couldn't notice it.

I suggest you stand back from any candidates and squint your eyes. That'll tell you what actually stands out.

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I have a sink cabinet of beadboard, painted a creamy color. Yes, I have to keep ontop of any spills or drips and make a habit of wiping it down every so often. Even a darker color will show some dirt. I think lawjedi makes very good points especially if you have more than one cabinet to maintain. And using a good washable paint helps tremendously.

I do like the look of beadboard though.

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I have beadboard doors on the butler pantry of our soon to be old house and I like them...but. I had DH make them the old way with no frame capturing the beadboard. That makes cleaning in the cracks really easy. Now, I also have a beadboard backsplash in the same house and although I love the look, what I DON't like is all the crap that gets caught at the back of the counter/beadboard juncture. It is rather a bothersome thing. With all the beadboard that I've had in my life, I would be leery of having beadboard in a frame on doors/drawers at least under the sink if not all. Great look, I agree. Those little channels are crap catchers, though.

'Course, I probably don't clean as much as I should or could but nevertheless.

But, I bet some German company makes a horsehair broom for sweeping out beadboard dust. J/K (a little)

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I have a white beadboard backsplash which probably gets dirty easier than cabinets...and I haven't had any problems with it (3 small kids). Here and there I will wipe it down...if anything gets in the grooves, I use a natural bristle brush that is soft and won't damage the paint.

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