Scavenger Hunt Challenge

Julie_MI_Z5November 1, 2006

Maybe this will be fun! Post one or two challenges and the rest of us will go hunt for them.

My challenge:

1) Find a pair of shoes that hurt your feet, and purge them

2) Find all the supplies from a previous pet and purge those, too (our bird died last weekend... are there still dog dishes in my shed from 12 years ago??).

1-2-3-Go! Everyone go look for uncomfortable shoes, old hamster cages, etc., then post a new challenge.


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Uh, uh, uh...I participated without even knowing there was going to be a challenge. Just put a really nice pair of wool clogs in the thrift store bag. I wore them to the school on Friday and had to change shoes when I came home for lunch. I think that qualifies as unncomfortable shoes!

Can't do the pet part. Last animal was over 9 years ago, so nothing remains but his spirit and a couple of pictures.


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all right, you're on.

However, I don't have any "previous pets"--well, a guinea pig died, but I've still got his compatriot. But I'll check over the current pet stuff, and ditch the things I don't need, ro that don't work.

and I'll also include any *worn out* shoes.

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Hey, you guys forgot to leave a challenge for me! So here's more for today:

3) Gather up all those school pictures and loose photos and put them where they go. Mine are going down on my scrapbooking table with the Christmas cards I addressed yesterday.

4) Gather up all the pens and pencils spread throughout the house and put them in the pencil cans where they go (or, I SHOULD say, where they are SUPPOSED to go LOL).

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uhhh... how bout theese?

1) Clean out your medication, throw out all that is expired.
2) Clean out your purse, If your like me it's an on- going battle.
3) Clean out canned food items, check for expired items, and items that can be donated.

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Glenda, that's perfect!

Here's my scavenger report for Thursday morning:
1) Medication... good thing you reminded me! I'll start this morning and finish after work today
2) Purse is OK, did it yesterday
3) I cleaned out the refrigerator last week before I went grocery shopping--found some expired sour cream & salad dressing & spray butter.

OK, who's next??

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I'm still stuck back there at the "loose pictures" one. DH is a camera junkie and I'm awash in pictures!

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Catbird - you can do it, gather them up!

To anyone else playing along, here's Friday's hunt:
Eliminate one thing from every room. Bonus points for two things per room.

Oooh--too bad I have to leave for work--anyone want to set up a point system scavenger hunt game? LOL I'm suffering from lack of daylight and I need some "fun" in my life.

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