how do you store shoes in the entryway?? what about this idea?

infohound2006November 14, 2009

What a great forum this is! I've been posting on the applieance, flooring and other forums, and am so glad I've found this one as well. I've begun avidly reading the posts on weeding/organizing, but right now I need good ideas for our entry shoe storage!

We're finishing remodeling a house, which will have a 60" entry closet just next to the front door, in a small foyer. I would like to have the shoes all out of sight, and tidy. The trouble is that the closet is behind the front door, so the left half can only be reached when the door is closed.

We take off our shoes, keep the collection on (and near) some shelves by the door. And, with two boys, the system has to hold some 16 pairs, and can't be too complicated.

Any suggestions? Preferably with photos, so I can really see what you're talking about.

Here's a really cool looking one I saw. Looks like it wluld be easy to pull-out, and hold lots of sheos. But I don't know if this is practical, and how hard it would be to build. Suggestions?


Here is a link that might be useful: Tall pull-out shelf unit for shoes

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It would help to see a photo of the area you are talking about. The pull-out looks like a great idea, but:

  1. it isn't the simplest thing to build given that it has to roll in and out smoothly, and

2) you have to decide whether a couple of teenagers will be willing to pull it out each time they remove their shoes.

In addition to the responses here, try posting this on the Home Decorating forum with a photo. Lots of people over there have the shoes-at-the-door issue.

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In our old house we had a mudroom right by the front door and it was great. Now we live in a victorian that has no storage (typical!)

We all keep our shoes in the bedroom closets upstairs. Sometimes it means an extra trip upstairs to grab a pair of shoes, but heck, we could probably use the exercise.

We do keep one pair of shoes per person in the back hall/laundry area, just in cubbies. That way if you're barefoot and want to run outside in a hurry, there is a handy pair to grab. In snow season, the snow boots live back there too.

Now that I don't have a mudroom, I can't imagine storing every pair of the family's shoes by the front door. I guess what I'm saying is that a big cabinet might not be the only solution. Paring down (pun intended !) the number of shoes that have to be stored in the entry closet might simplify your storage options. Also I've never been a fan of closed shoe storage. Shoes need to dry out after each wear.

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i put a wire closet organizer type shelf about a foot off of the floor in the closet..i store short shoes/boots under the shelf and taller boots on top of the shelf..that holds a LOT of shoes and boots that way.

it might seem inconvenient to wait until the door is closed to put things into the closet..but don't you generally close the door anyway?

step in..close the the closet door..remove your shoes into the closet..close the closet door..then your mess is always out of sight

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In my house, it's just my daughter and me. I bought a pretty basket and it's set near the front door. We both keep our frequently-used shoes in the basket.

I purposely bought the basket of a decent size so it holds about 3 pairs of shoes for each of us; however, several pairs is the limit...and that was done on purpose. If the basket starts to spill over, that means we have too many shoes out there, and it's time to move the not-so-frequently worn shoes back to our closets.

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There is a kitchen-cabinetry tall pullout that woudl b ecool
One thing I DIS like about this unit you show is that it looks like you have to pull the unit out, and step into the space it was in, to access the hanging storage? weird, if that's how it is.

But I do sort of like the pull-out cabinet. The thing is, you have to have a deep place to put it.
I'd be totallycontent w/ cubbies, and a recess for visitors

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I have a shoe storage cabinet in my bedroom. It is basically a book shelf. Mine is 14 inches wide and it holds my husbands size 11 shoes as well as my own. Before I had it built I measured the biggest pair of shoes then measured from the heel up and added 1 inch to see how far apart to make the shelves.

Some of my shelves are 6 inches from the top of the shelf to the top of the next shelf, giving my about 5 1/2 space between the shelves. These hold my husbands shoes and my heels. I have 2 shelves like this and the other 3 are an inch smaller in space. It holds 15 pairs of shoes--actually I have about 20 because sandals I stack one on top of the other

I have it covered with a cloth cover I made, but it would be an easy matter to add doors with european hinges.

If you want to make it narrower you could slant the shelves and add a cleat to catch the heels of the shoes.

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I vote with the ones who have simplified. Think entry shoe storage for way less than 16 pairs. Think compromise on what your system is, and how to make it extremely convenient and user-friendly, and you will get more compliance more of the time, even though there may be a few lapses, and spend less time being the shoe police.

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I would think that if the shoes/boots are wet they might not dry out in that pull-out shelf unit or in any closed area.

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We have a California Closets stand from Target that we used to use for the most commonly used shoes. It might be a little tall (36" or so), but it would fit on one side of your cabinet with room for long coats on the other. One thing I really like about it is that my heels will fit in it- even the 3" heeled ankle boots, which I can't say about the little shelf/riser things. But if this is partly/mostly for teenage boys, that wouldn't be an issue for you.

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And it doubles as a kitty condo! Funny! Did it get up in there by itself or did you pose it in there?

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Oilpainter, I believe that that's what the photo is showing -- a bookcase on casters, with a handle on the side so it can be pulled out. That's even simpler! ... as long as it's constructed solidly enough to deal with the force on the side wall!

I'll review the # of shoes we have out, but we don't keep shoes in our bedrooms, and don't have a mudroom. So all our shoes are in the entryway, except for snorkeling fins and snow boots.

And, yes I think the photo shows a walk-in closet; that's not what I'm envisioning. Ours is a simple closet with bypass doors. (I'll take a photo for next time).

So I could have a 24" wide bookcase with low shelves for shoes, and the higher ones perhaps for hats, scarves, etc. But perhaps even that's too much to expect a couple of boys to deal with :-), and I should just give in to a couple of baskets!

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We have a bench w.baskets underneath. About once a week, I empty it and send everything upstairs.

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Pammyfay, the little booger did that all by himself. He's only done it once though, so I'm glad I got the picture.

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