I'm back!!!!

intherainNovember 17, 2005

Hi girls! You might not even remember me, but I was here for 2 years and then I let my membership lapse. However, I lurked quite often just to see how you all are. I was thrilled today to realize I can post again, now that it's free. Glad to be back with all of you! (And boy do I need some organizing help!)


(member during 2003, 2004)

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Me too!

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We'd NEVER forget you! I'm around but not very active because my job keeps me too busy to surf the net! (imagine!) LOL

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Sheryl, welcome back!! It's old home week :).

Speaking of which, what ever happened to Jamie? I thought of her the other day. For those newer to the group, she used to do a lot of holiday organizing type stuff, including starting countdowns etc. Wonder where she went???


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Hi Sheryl! :-)

Ann, I lurk occasionally, but have not really been in "organizing mode" lately...more maintenance mode nowadays. As for the holiday stuff, people stopped participating in the threads, so I just let it go due to "lack of interest". No need to "clutter" the boards with posts just to hear myself talk. :-)

Thanks for remembering me though - and it's good to "see" you again, Sheryl!

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And what's the story on free membership?? I just link right to the forum... must go check the main page!


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Jamie, you'll be happy to know that I am staying on top of my holiday organization. I'm learning to crochet! A little late for gifts this year, but you never know about next year! I bought a gift-wrap organizer that's on the wall in our laundry room. That will be "gift wrap central" this year rather than in our master bedroom closet. I still have a ways to go on Christmas gift purchases, but I'm coming along!

Julie, you missed all the hype about memberships now being free? Yep. Not fair to those that renewed their memberships this month, though.

Ann and Karen, I'm sure you both are as organized as ever!


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Sheryl, I certainly haven't forgotten you. In fact I thought about you when DH and I were talking about our trip to Oregon--go figure.

Welcome back.

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I loved hearing you "talk out loud." It was inspiring. Maybe next year we can begin again.....

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hey, hooray! Nice to see you again, Sheryl, and Jamie!

We have big quiet spells--understandable, but sad.

And I've missed you both!

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Yep, missed all the announcements about free membership. This is for all of Gardenweb & That Home Site???

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Welcome back, Sheryl! I had wondered why you stopped posting.

Glad to hear from Jamie & Cup as well. Let's get this board really active again!

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Julie, I'm not sure if it's just THS or all of Gardenweb.

Actually, I didn't intend to let my membership lapse this long. Life just sort of got in the way. My husband had a heart attack in May (at the age of 42) and thankfully is okay. We were just fortunate that we got a great advice nurse on the phone who recognized the very vague symptoms (pain in teeth and jaws - absolutely no chest pain or shortness of breath at all) and insisted we call 9-1-1. Within 90 minutes he was in the cath lab having an artery unblocked and a stent implanted. Let me tell you, I realized the importance of organization that day. I had let the house go because I had other stuff going on and thought I could get to it that day. BUT, I had a fully-charged cell phone, cash in my wallet, and a full tank of gas. I had my emergency numbers in my control journal for the kids, since I had to leave them so I could follow the ambulance to ER. I am just blessed that he's okay.

Where's Brenda?


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Me too. I used to post fairly regularly on this site, til they started charging. I've been lurking once in a while, but just couldn't see my way to paying for a membership.

Lets see, we bought a home in a new development May 2004, found out I had "Microcalcifications" in my left breast in Sept., I had surgery in Oct. and Nov. Followed by 7 weeks of radiation, and while that was going on we had to get our old house ready to put on the market.

We hired a house cleaning service, and DH painted, and rented a storage unit. I was exhausted from the radiation, and still don't feel fully recovered.

We moved to the new house in April, and I have been very busy decorating and organizing, and going to various Drs. I had a new baseline mammogram yesterday and it was clean.
Now that everything is unpacked, I will need some encouragement in keeping up my new cleaning routines. Routines and ETE are my new words to live by.

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Terry - welcome back! So glad to hear your mammogram was clean!!! I, too, need my routines. I haven't been as good about them lately and my house is showing it.


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Well, since everyone is posting I'll jump in too! I've been working the early shift at JoAnns (5 am grrr) so I'm not on the puter much anymore. I think I am much more organized than I used to be. Gotten rid of most of the stuff in my laundy room cause it's in the garage and everything gets dirty. DS moved out so now I tell everyone "I didn't lose a son, I gained a sewing room" and that has been keeping me real busy. I depend on DD to help around here more and she's been great. Think I've lost some weight cause I don't have time to cook and bake like I used to. Everything has been prioritized and as long as I write myself notes I'm fine, LOL

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Me, too! You might remember me as Stephanie in So. FL or in TN. Now I'm in Georgia, DH got a new job a year ago. I'm at 4 kids, and holding. I don't know what old bug got into my brain tonight to make me think "I wonder if THS is still around? And I wonder if Talley Sue still posts?" (I see you do, and other names I remember, too! I hope someone remembers me.)

I just finished painting a kid's bedroom, I'm working on getting all the stuff back in an organized manner. I've got some new rules for myself around the house. One, I can't take laundry out of the dryer and put in anywhere besides where it goes. No more laundry piles! Two, the week's dinner menu gets decided on Sunday with family input. Then I write it on the frig with a dry erase marker. Now that 3 kids are literate, that's stopping the "what's for dinner" question, and I spend less on groceries.

So I'm in that organizing state of mind and feeling good about it, I guess that's what brought me back to thinking about this site. I'm (still) trying, guys!

Here's to more posts in the New Year!

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I think we need more challenges on the board. I like a challenge; it keeps me from getting lazy!

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I just noticed this thread . . . I guess I should have posted my "Bouncing In" thread here instead. I am so glad so many familair faces are returning!! We NEED each other in this world of clutter and chaos!! Welcome back everyone!! I'm glad to be back too!


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