Window Drapes Stationary or between each window?

aurora_sb16February 10, 2014

Just painted my house and bought several Ikea Ritva Curtains in white. I can't decide if I want to do 2 stationary curtains on each end of my 4 living room windows, or if I should do a curtain between each window? We are planning on ordering Bamboo Roman shades from home depot (providence maple) to put inside the windows as well. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. There is also a window behind the piano I was planning to put 2 drapes on either side as well.

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Here is another angle of the room

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Annie Deighnaugh

Just the ends.

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Agree, just the ends.

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Normally I would think just the ends too, but that is such a wide span of windows. I am wondering if just the ends will look too lost. I would rather decide after I see the Roman Shades in.

Are you doing ceiling to floor at 96"?

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I bought the 118" ikea ritva curtains and washed them so they are like 112" now. So it would be close to the ceiling but not all the way since the ceilings are 11 feet.

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Normally I'd say panels just at the ends, but this is such a huge expanse... I think I would treat each pair of windows as one - panel on left end, panel in middle (b/w 2nd and 3rd window), and panel on right end. (To get the right fullness, you might need to sew 2 panels together, particularly for the outside panels.)

If you do that, I think you'll also want the romans to treat each pair as one, which I don't think will be possible on your windows with inside mount but would be easy with outside mount. If you can't get a single roman wide enough for each pair of windows, you can either put two shades on one rail or simply butt the shades up next to each other. The windows in this picture aren't the same as yours, but I hope you can see what I mean about the romans covering both windows.

ETA: if you really want the illusion of two pairs of wide windows, you could trim out each pair like the windows on the right in my second image.

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I was trying to get woven woods in a single width to cover my triple window (100") and it is not possible. A few very lightweight fabrics in roman shades could handle my triple but features might be limited. Then I decided I didn't like the look of one shade 100" wide anyhow. Nor did I like 3 shades butted up next to each other. My windows are not separated with a frame like the OP, so I am going to build out a "faux frame" so I can do 3 inside mount woven woods.

Here is a set of pics I took of my research to show to my friends DH who would be the carpenter to build my frames. This is beyond your panel issue but may give you some visuals of big windows.


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I think for your room it would look great to have them in between each window. I cannot wait to see your after pics! You have a lovely room!

Here is a photo of mine between each window. I know this is different than your room but gives an idea. Your windows will definitely look less busy with the white curtains and your shades.

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I would maybe try just the ends for now and once the shades are up, maybe you can drape fabric or sheets to see if you want more panels....or you can always buy them and return them to Ikea if you don't like all the panels. I tend to agree though that the expanse is too big and end panels alone will get lost.

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I have the white Ritva panels on my slider and I love them. $25 for the 96"!!! I'm for minimal window coverings. However, the panels are only 50" wide so for a nice big window like yours just two at the end can never really do anything else besides sit there. I like Eureka's idea of treating your window as two. Also the possibility of sewing two panels together. I use the tabs on the back for mine and they take up very little space off to the side. It looks like you have plenty of that in your room. Go Ritva!!

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