Where do you store canned drinks?

des_arc_ya_yaNovember 11, 2005

I bet I move them every two months! LOL I've tried leaving them in the boxes that they come in and just putting them on the kitchen cabinet and that looks tacky and takes up room! Right now I take them out of their boxes and store them in two large terra cotta pots on the cabinet by the microwave. Do you guys devote a space in your cabinets or where do you put them?

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Do you mean pop or larger cans like juice? I have a cabinet which is just the width of a flat 24 can case of pop. It was originally a broom closet, but I had a carpenter knock out the up and down boards and put me in some really sturdy shelves. If I didn't have room there, I would store them in a closet I have under a staircase. It currently holds my mop, broom, extra paper towels, etc.

In our other place we just didn't have room in the cabinets and there was no closet close to the kitchen. I got rather use to seeing them in their boxes in the corner.


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pop cans - sorry, guess I expected everybody to just read my feeble mind! LOL

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I store the soda cans in their boxes, upright, next to the pantry. We have a little jog in the wall between the doorway and the cabinetry, and I can stand four of the tall skinny boxes there easily. It doesn't look great, but it's functional.

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See, I don't have a pantry, as such. Hate to take up valuable space in my lower cabinets for 24-36 cans of soft drinks, but guess if I want them off the cabinet top, that's what I'll have to do.

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My garage is just off the kitchen and there are two steps you need to walk up to get to the kitchen. The steps are wider than the door so I leave the boxes on one side of the lower step. I also leave the water bottles there.

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Pop cans stay in their skinny box-dispenser on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. The boxes are narrow enough we can stack them two high next to gallons of milk.

We buy multiple cases of 36-count bottled water, and they sit on top of the bookshelf in the basement. It's not a good plan, but the bookcase is sturdy and it's easier than lifting them off the ground to re-stock the fridge.

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Luckily I have two large closets and store canned/bottled beverages on the floor of each. The only bad thing is these closets are not near my kitchen. I have to walk down/and then back up a flight of stairs to get drinks up.

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I was just considering this in our kitchen plan.... as much as I would like to say we don't drink much of this c*ap we do... so I just planned in two large heavy drawers in the bottom of one of the kitchen window seats to stock with canned beverages.


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LOL I feel your pain! I just went ahead and cleaned off a top shelf in the bottom of my kitchen cabinet and placed all the canned drinks. At least they're out of sight. (Wish they'd become out of mind, but that ain't gonna happen! LOL) Caffeine addicted Ya Ya! LOL

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DAYY--we don't have a pantry, either. We bought a large chrome wire shelf to store the things that would have gone in the pantry. Unfortunately it looked awful stocked with all that food, drinks and misc. stuff.

One weekend I decided to switch things around. Now I store all the soft drinks and other pantry type food in two sets of kitchen cabinets (one upper, one lower) and store pots/pans, bakeware, glass dishes, vases and other "nice looking" dishes on the shelf.

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Fortunately we have an extra fridge in the garage, so all our pop goes out there. I love it! If I didn't have the fridge, I'd probably stack it by the steps out in the garage, only keeping a few cans in the kitchen fridge at a time (we like our soda cold!).


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Like Marie, the garage door is in the kitchen. Down three steps to the left. No need for chilling this time of year! LOL Garage is purty dang cold...

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In the garage, hoping it doesn't get too cold out there so we have to bring it in. No basement and little extra space in the house.


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