Space bag... a rip off?

sugar_flNovember 9, 2005

I recently ordered a set of space bags. I used one of them & it don't hold the seal. Has anyone else had this problem. I bought them to help with storage in the small apt I am moving to the 19th. I guess I threw away good money buying them. Any idea what I may be doing wrong?



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I have had the same problems whenever I've tried them, thinking it must be my method. But, at least for me, it didn't seem to matter which brand I used, none of them worked properly.

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Mine worked OK, I just didn't like them. And one busted open when I dropped it, and they don't stack flat.

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I'm not overly impressed with mine either. The seal doesn't hold, and I think part (most) of it on my part is user error, I may be trying to put too much in, and not folding neatly enough when I do. But I saw on another forum here where ppl are using plain old garbage bags for this, I may give that a try.


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