White appliances to match existing or SS?

thecloseFebruary 6, 2013

We are purchasing a house that currently has white appliances. We actually like white better than stainless but aren't anti-stainless if it is going to give us better options (I see that many appliances don't come in white). We are only replacing the dishwasher and fridge at this point. Cooktop and oven are remaining.

So, if you were to replace two out of the four appliances, would you go with white to match or SS? We are looking at Miele for the dishwasher, and it seems that only the basic model comes in white. I would like to get a higher model that either says SS or custom panel. Not sure I want to get into the custom thing, having to match existing cabs, etc.

I am posting here b/c it is more of an aesthetic question rather than a what appliance to choose question.



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Go SS if you can, think it is better for resale value.

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Well, hopefully we will be in this house a very long time! But I know things happen. One day we also hope to renovate the kitchen, but that might be 10 years down the line. I do understand what you are saying about SS though.

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Honestly, I would go with white, especially if you prefer that. The trend in Europe now is towards white or black appliances, or fully integrated, and it usually precedes what's going on in the US. I personally also find SS a lot harder to keep clean than white.

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How do you feel about having mismatched appliances in your kitchen? Do you intend to replace the other white appliances at some point? I slowly replaced some bisque appliances with stainless because I wanted to have all stainless in the long run. For a period of time I had mismatched appliances, but I was ok with that because in the long run I ended up with all stainless appliances. I personally do not like mismatched appliances and would be bothered by a mixture of stainless and white. It is possible your choices might be more limited, so you're the one that's going to have to decide if you want to spend the extra money on panels or choose a different brand or model that offers white.

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How old are the white?....if they are fairly new and you like that better, then go white....but if they are older, then I would probably go SS. What are your cabinets?...painted white or stained.

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If you like white better, I'd stay with white instead of what "they" tell you you should like and have.

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I'd put in what I want. It sounds like what you want is white, so stick with what you want!

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If white is your favourite, then totally put in white appliances!

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Function over form, so if choosing a better quality model means going SS, so be it.

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I just had the same dilemma except that we were replacing the range only. I dislike stainless and much prefer white. And, I think the ss design rage is now waning anyway. In white my choices of a range were quite limited because we wanted to upgrade to a more pro level range. I debated and debated and debated and finally bought a stainless Wolf.

It looks fine (to my eye) since it is on a different wall than any of the white appliances, and to me anyway the stainless look is a little more appropriate for a range than a fridge or dishwasher since it somewhat replicates the idea of a restaurant kitchen appliance. IMO.

But, it will be the only stainless appliance in my kitchen, and when we need to start replaing others I'll stick with the white. The ss is horrible to keep clean and is a fingerptint magnet. I can't imagine with something with a lot of surface area like a fridge what a pain this would be. And, as far as wanting the higher end of the line that is only available in stainless, I have convinced myself several times on the past that I needed the upper end of a line only to discover after I purchased the dishwasher that I really never use all of those fancy features anyway.

You prefer white. Get white.

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Thank you, thank you all! I went and looked at the Miele dishwasher that is white and it is great - except it doesn't have a few features that we do use currently, like delayed start. I also like the configurable silverware tray that isn't available in the white either. Hmmm...

@pricklypear, I wouldn't mind mismatched appliances if it was just a means to an end, like in your case. I just don't know when my end will be!

@phoggie, the current appliances are all about 15 years old. Who knows how long they will last. Right now, just need fridge and dishwasher. Cabinets are being painted - either white or navy blue. I know, two extremes!

@petra66, interesting thought and one I had as well. I am all about function, hence my dilemma!! Ugh...

@needinfo1, thank you so much for your input. I also don't mind a SS range and white (or some other color) everything else. That is about the only thing I would want stainless.

That Miele dishwasher is killing me. Luckily I have until the end of March to figure all this out.

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