Main bathroom remodel - suggestions wanted

rogeraf1October 17, 2013

I haven't posted here in awhile, but I've finally gathered the courage and funds to redo my main bathroom. I've hated it since we moved in, but since it's completely functional we didn't bother working on it. Now the shower has stopped working and there's a small water leak behind the tub - so it's time to do something about this. We also tested the ugly textured ceiling (the only ceiling in the house that isn't flat) to make sure that it isn't asbestos - it's not.

Here are some pictures:

First is the ugly cheap hollow door that I'll be replacing with a solid wood door stained to match the wood in the rest of the house. (I already practiced on a door that I installed upstairs.) Then you'll see the bathroom floor - we're planning to put in white and black hexagon tile flooring with grey grout (

We're planning to replace the medicine cabinet with a simple mirrored medicine cabinet with wall sconces on either side like these: and Does anyone know a place to get a cheaper unfinished wood medicine cabinet? I like the style of that one and would like to finish the wood to match the rest of the house as well. We have some Tiffany-style lamps in the living room and are planning to get a similar style chandelier soon. Do you think that style is appropriate for a 1919 bungalow? If not, is there another style fixture you'd recommend? Does anyone prefer light strips to sconces in the bathroom?

If you continue with the pictures, you'll see the doors to the hideous wrap around tub. It's in bad shape and the shower isn't working. They also installed a wall in front of the window to accommodate the wrap around. I plan to remove that wall and the shower and install a claw foot tub with a curtain ring and shower head. I like the look of the hand held units, but would like something that can also hook into the curtain rod if possible. Does anyone know if this option exists? Does anyone know of cheaper places to get the claw foot fixtures (faucet and curtain rods)?

We plan to keep the existing toilet. I'd like to get a vanity that I could stain to match the wood in the rest of the house (a recurring theme, I know). Does anyone know of a reasonably priced place to get unfinished vanities with storage? I like the look of pedestal sinks, but we don't have any other storage in this room - so we can't afford to loose the space. I've even been wondering about putting some small shelves between the studs in the wall. The other thing I thought of was making a shelving unit behind/around the medicine cabinet. If I can move the air vent in the floor, I'd have a space just over 35" wide x 22" deep x 7' high. Although I'm a bit concerned that that much dark wood might make the room seem even smaller. Thoughts? Ideas for storage in this tiny bathroom? Thanks for your input!


Here is a link that might be useful: Bathroom pictures

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You'll probably get a better response if you post the photos directly into your thread, as it makes less work for everyone.

I can't speak much for cheap sources for unfinished vanity and medicine cabinets, but google those terms and try ebay. CL might have something used as well, that you could paint up and prettify.

I don't think you'll have enough space for sconces with a vanity that small. An over-mirror light would fit better.

Dark wood will be fine if your walls and fixtures (sink, toilet, tub) are lighter.

I suggest you post in the bathrooms forum as well.

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You can find "vintage medicine cabinet" on ebay for $50-100. "Clawfoot tub shower rod" can be found there, too.

We are in a bungalow and I recommend sconces with 1 ceiling light. I wouldn't go too frugally on the plumbing. We tried higher end cheap and have had to replace the faucet.

We purchased a cabinet like the one i've linked to for bathroom storage (yes, I stripped the paint and stained it). It's in the closet of the bedroom next to our bathroom. Yes, it's a short walk, but not bad. We did that so we could have the pedestal sink, which we bought at a salvage store and had resurfaced. We have some open shelving in the bathroom. This setup works for us.

Have fun with this! and enjoy your "new" window!

Here is a link that might be useful: Cabinet

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