Insulation in attic

rajdawgOctober 4, 2012

I live in an one story home that had a master bedroom added to it by the previous owners. The problem is that the bedroom is so DARN HOT during the summer and cold during the winter. There is only one HVAC duct running to the space that is about 250 sq ft so im sure that has something to do with it, but even at times when our heat or ac is off there is a 10-15 degree difference between the main floor and the finished attic space.

When we first moved in I had my brother in law put blow in some more insulation hoping that would help the problem. Two years later that has not gotten the job done. I am seriously doubting if there is insulation on the knee walls that surround our room(I cant remember from when I was up there last)

I am having some insulation contractors come out to give bids on how they could help imrpove the issue. I am looking at foam.

What should I look out for or keep in mind as these contractors come

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Circus Peanut

One thing to look for is how well that bedroom floor is insulated at the sides and kneewalls. We had a dormered bedroom in a built-out attic, and it was freezing despite all attempts to add more insulation to the attic, until we figured out that the sides of the bedroom floors were open to the front porch roof. Turns out we had winter wind just whistling along below our feet through what had been the old 'ceiling' of the house.

So: doublecheck the entire envelope of the house, especially the bedroom floor cavity/rim joists in basement/floor and sides of the attic where the walls meet the roof -- make sure that any junctures that are open to the outside get well sealed with spray foam, foam board or caulk.

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