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lucas_tx_gwFebruary 10, 2013

Seems like there are several threads where people talk about looking at Barker but then the threads kind of die off, so I thought I'd share a little about our order.

After a lot of investigating, soul searching etc. we decided to go with all Barker rather than Ikea boxes with other doors. Main reason was the ability to completely customize the sizes. We have 8' ceilings and thought 30" uppers were way too short and 39" uppers would be pushing it a little since we wanted enough room for molding and not to have the uppers too close to the counters, so we ended up with 37" uppers.

We are going with Cherry with the clear conversion varnish applied by Barker.

We're doing an enclosure for the fridge (standard, not counter depth) that includes a finished door style panel on one side that's visible and a plain slab on the other. We made the over frig cab 30" deep so it extends nearly to the front of the fridge, and made the base cab on that wall 30" deep as well. (a 36" wide 4 drawer).

On the Stove wall we have uppers on each side , a vent cab for the OTR and 4 drawer base cabs on each side, (36 on one, 30 on the other).

We have a 40" sink cab (another reason not to go with Ikea). On the dishwasher wall we have a case for the dishwasher and a 36" base with split drawers on top and 3 drawers below them. That wall and the sink wall are open to the breakfast area, so no upppers.

On the back side of that wall, on the breakfast room side, we have 2x 32" wide 12' deep base cabs. These are not shown on the attached drawing, nor are the fillers that connect the angled sink wall to other two walls.

Including all the finished ends, two piece crown, fillers where needed (including 2 fillers to make the turn at each end of the sink because it's angled) and any other assorted trim the total was right at $8000 which includes free shipping with a lift gate.

So fingers crossed we end up liking them, I'll follow up on this thread when they arrive but that won't be till mid March.

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Thanks for posting, Lucas. I'm strongly considering Barker myself (maple shaker with the clear varnish), so I'm looking forward to your follow up once you get them. Cherry was interesting to me also, so hopefully you'll post pics so I can see a "real life" example!

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I'm just a week or so out from finishing my site painted Barker Cabinets. That said, we've been using the boxes for a month and they are fabulous! We just don't have our drawer fronts on yet. We did paint grade maple and the doors are flawless.

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Looking forward to seeing your pics when it's all done.

We ordered the sample cab and serveral different doors to look at wood types and styles and all of them were very nice, so we were excited to go ahead. We debated finishing them ourselves but finally decided just to go ahead and get the finished ones, their finish was really nice.

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i also ordered Barker Cabinets in walnut. we will do site finishing. i was really impressed with customer service/ Chad Barker's responsiveness in answering questions. The only thing i think can be improved is that the wait time for our cabinets were a bit longer than stated. Also quite impressive was that there was not one single mistake with our order which was fairly large (we ordered for our whole house). I am not too knowledgeable about cabinets, but I thought the doors were very nice looking and my GC was impressed with the quality as well.

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So Michoumonster, where are your pictures?
Dying to see them! Wanted walnut myself but DH doesn't care for it. Cherry was the compromise!

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lucas_tx, sorry, i don't have pics just yet. our GC is just now installing cabs. and then will finish next week. promise i will post once i get some!

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I'm also a big fan. I'm retrofitting other cabinets with Barker drawers. I've done a bunch of doors with them and don't even hesitate to put in an order.

I can't wait to see your pics!

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lucas_tx and michoumonster: any pictures of your projects? I'd love to see them and hear if you are happy with your choice to go with Barker

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I'd also love to see pictures! Deciding now between Barker and a local shop who would put in a "semi-custom" line. Prices are near equal, but I get WAY more customization with Barker! I guess I'm just nervous about ordering cabinets online!

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I'm gonna try to post a link to lucas tx's reveal. Their kitchen turned out beautiful and it helped me decide on Barker too. I have 3 pallets full of cabinet pieces and parts waiting to be assembled and I can't wait!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Barker Cabinets Reveal thread

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Thanks dcward! How exciting for you too!! Hopefully you'll post a reveal soon! How exciting will it be to have a new kitchen?? :D

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