How do you keep track of online coupons?

joann23456October 7, 2006

Often when I buy from a site online, I will get a coupon for some percentage off on my next purchase. I have never yet used one of these coupons, because I have no way to keep track of them and forget them.

I could print out something or save it on my computer, but I need some way to jog my memory so that when I go to a certain site, I remember that I have the coupon. All I can think of so far is to put the coupon in my PDA with a reminder that pops up every couple of weeks, so it will stay in my mind if I happen to go shopping. This doesn't seem like a great solution to me, but it's all I can think of.

Any ideas?

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I use to keep track of online coupons for me!

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