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hbh170October 19, 2008

I am trying to design a closet for sporting goods. It needs to hold golf clubs (three bags), skis - 4 pairs; tennis rackets - 4; and all the accessories with golf, tennis and skiing. My space (new construction) is 7' 9" wide and 8' tall with a depth of 32". Has anyone put together a sports closet? Any suggestions on the design or resources for the closet are appreciated.

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I don't know much about golf equipment, but as a downhill skier, I can say that you do NOT want the type of ski hanger that is just two posts that hold the skis hanging by the tips. It is very hard on the skis to store them that way. You want the type of ski rack that you see in the ski shops -- a stable box on the ground that holds the skis vertically, with the tails in the little compartments of the box. I have seen these for sale online. If you have twin tips, you might have to make something custom.

Good luck on your project! Be sure to design in some flexibility for changing needs in the future.

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What a dream come true to have a sports closet! I have a set of shelves on my enclosed breezeway that is loosely the storage area for tennis, baseball, soccer, & football equipment. Things are always spilling off onto the floor and it's a real mess. The skis & poles are in the garage just kind of falling all over the place. Good luck and please post pictures when you're done, we'd all LOVE to see the finished storage area!

My small suggestion: a shelf with plastic storage bins for balls, one for golf balls and one for tennis balls. A bin for ski gloves, goggles, etc. A bin for golf gloves, towels, etc. A bin for tennis gove, visor, etc.

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