Impulse purchase - 12" pie dish

cocatyOctober 14, 2012

On impulse, I purchased a ceramic pie dish with cover at Sam's. But it's 12". Is that going to be too big to be useful? It will mainly be used for apple pie. Are there any particular issues I'd face in trying to use one that large? Thanks.

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Getting a neat slice out of the pie!
You will have to make at least 1 1/2 times the usual recipe....I have 2 that big and use them for all sorts of stuff....fritatttas, queso dip, cinnamon well as for a pie.

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All good points I hadn't thought of. Thanks!

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Well, at first I thought "how in the world is anyone going to eat that much pie". Then I realized how ridiculous that thought was, LOL.

I agree, though, the only problem I see is making sure you have enough crust and filling for that large a pie, I'm thinking the basic two crust recipe won't be enough, you'll probably need extra crust in addition to extra filling.


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I mostly use the big pie dish for quiche....and I make a double crust recipe....and it uses almost all....
Enough left for a mini free form apple tart.

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It is IMPOSSIBLE for a pie to be too big.
That's just a fact of life. As long as you
keep the ratio of filling to crust, there
can be no possible error.
Pies just disappear,...and THAT is a fact
of life.

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I have several 12" pans and use them all the time. As already said, pie can't be too big. A 12" pie is almost twice the volume of a 9" pie. The area of the 12" pan is 113 square inches, a 9" pan is 63.6 square inches. I always double the amount of crust and filling.

The amount of time for baking takes a bit of guesswork. IIRC it takes a little more than a 9" pie, depending on how high you fill it. I use a thermopen and test the filling temperature. When it gets close to 200F, it's done.


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Thank you for all the tips. Think I'll probably keep it. Sounds like it might be useful for several things. Maybe it will mean one apple pie for Thanksgiving instead of two.

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I don't have any that big, I did buy a Pyrex pie plate one at a barn sale recently that is 11 inches and I have a 11 3/4 inch pie pan. The measurements are what are stamped on the bottom. I use big pie pans and plates when I take pies to our church meals. I like the big ones.


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I have one about 11 1/2" that I use for family chicken pies or sticky buns.

The only problem I have with the size is the top crust of the pie drooping into the filling in the center. After putting the filling into the bottom crust, I place an inverted small Pyrex custard cup in the center and then add the top crust and bake as usual.

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And along with the good suggestions above, don't forget, a pie dish is great for making casseroles. I also often grab one to use as a serving dish, too--so you've got a nice, large extra serving container to use in a pinch.

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The ratio of the 12" pan to the 9" is 1.7777, and so it is more like 1-3/4 -- half way between 1-1/2 and double. I really wish we were on the metric system so that revising recipes for this type of situation would be so much easier. I have a very old (1970) German cookbook (for which I had to buy metric measuring tools), but most of the recipes were not that good.

I have a 12" pyrex pie pan and almost never use it and especially not for pies - it will not fit in the pie keepers! The last thing I made in it was potatoes au gratin, but it would be good for a frittata as well.


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

When baking a smaller pie, I set it in the larger dish in case it overflows.

Prefer the big one for making shepherd's pie.

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I have discovered that my good old Lodge cast iron skillet makes a great (deep!) pie dish. I first tried it on pot pies, liked what it did for the crust, and use it for sweet pies too.

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Yum!!! A huge apple pie would be so good right now!!!
Can't have too big of a pie......:)

I like the idea of the cast iron skillet too Jasmynsmom.

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Jasmynsmom, that's a very good idea, thanks!


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All great ideas. Never would have thought of putting smaller pie dish in it for baking overflow. Thanks purpleinopp.

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