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secsteveFebruary 18, 2013

I love the discussions our dining out group comes up with!

There was an episode on Glee where they decided to do a Calender featuring the Glee guys as a fund raiser. Sam starts off things by saying something like "time to man scape" and then passes out shaving cream and razors for the guys to shave their chests.

One of the women in the group said she thought it was ridiculous for a man to shave "what grows natural" and thinks the whole "manscaping" thing is silly. Oh by the way, it gave us a very good insight into her husbands nickname - Bear.

Well, several of the other ladies also chimed in and overall they all thought men who didn't manscape were hotter.

The men were divided on the topic. Myself, I've only had my chest shaved once for a test that required all those electrodes to be attached to my chest. After that I swore I'd never get my chest shaved. The itching afterward drove me nuts. After much goading on the ladies part, one of the guys admitted he shaved his chest but only when it got unruly.

So, what do you KTer's think? Is a shaved chest hotter or the natural look?

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I don't mind some hair on the chest but not a fur rug. I guy I knew for awhile had hair all over his body, even on his back. He also had longer than usual hair on his arms. And it was dark hair. It was a turn off to me, but the guy was super nice.

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I don't mind some chest hair but back hair is icky. I guess that's not nice to say since it's one of those things you have no control over. On the other hand, nose and ear hairs are gross and I expect people to keep them trimmed.

Lots of men have the hair on their back permanently removed with laser treatments. Well, I guess they could have it all removed if they wanted!

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omg have you ever seen robin williams, the actor??

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My son has shaved his legs~arms~ and chest for 10 years. I know he does not do his underarms, they look like brillo pads~~~not sure about what I can not see;) He started in high school when he played football it was easier not to have leg hair when you taped your legs. Also he is a mountain biker and it helps with scrapes and all not to have a hairy bear leg to go through to clean. Now it is just his habit, I think it is a bit ick~~I think boys on the swim teams do it also.

My DD#@'s BF I think he shaves his arms to he has Tat's that would not show up if he was al hairy armed;)

I just wish my DH would shave his face more often, now that he is retired he does not, but maybe once a week, makes me barf;)

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I love this topic! My dear darling husband has a naturally hair free chest and back (yay), and shaves in the shower every day, even weekends. He says he feels dirty unless he does. Yay, again.

But his legs? It's hilarious....he looks like he's wearing hair stockings! It stops above the knee. Lord, he'd kill me if he saw this post, but we've laughed about the legs many times. No, he would never shave them.

Susan, Robin William's hairiness is legendary. He's a self proclaimed monkey. I'm always relieved when I see him on a talk show and he's wearing something long sleeved and a buttoned up shirt.

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Chest hair is "manly" shaved chests are "girly" jmo

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Ditto what Jeaninwa says

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Gee, I hope that I didn't give the impression that my husband shaves his chest and back, which are naturally hair free. He shaves his face every day....and only his face. 'Girly' not not apply, lol.

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There was just a hilarious episode of Two and a Half Men where Alan, the dorky one, shaves his "man parts" and nicks himself. Yikes. I think the whole hairlessness thing has gone too far, for women even more than men. There are certain things I cannot imagine having waxed!

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I also think the hairlessness thing has gone too far. A clean look is nice, but the body hair removal has gone to extremes. I think people would be better off accepting who they are rather than constantly trying to go against nature.

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Son has shaved his legs for years because he is a mountain cyclist racer and it "shaves", pardon pun, from his time.

Otherwise I hate the look.

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I like chest hair on a man..in fact I like almost any hair on a man! I would never want my man to shave anything except his face.

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I thought this was something only gay men and boys on the swim team did.

What would Popeye say? ("I yam what I yam.")

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