That long deep bottom cabinet beside the dishwasher

mommabirdOctober 17, 2012

I have a really awkward bottom cabinet that goes all the way back in the corner beside my dishwasher. Things get shoved back there and fall into the Black Hole. It is impossible to reach anything without removing everything from the front/accessable part of the cabinet where the doors are.

Has anyone found a solution tob how to use this storage space to make it workable? My kitchen is tiny so I need to use every inch.

I've been fighting this Black Hole for 20 years.


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My corner cabinet has two big wooden lazy susans built into it, and it stores a ton of stuff in there,

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Not quite sure about the configuration of your particular Black Hole cabinet, but what I've done with similar deep cabinets is to put things that get used only once or twice a year in the back.

Things like the big turkey roaster pan, and Christmas cookie cutters and the big platter for the Thanksgiving turkey. It's still a hassle to get them out, but I only have to go back there a few times a year.

The front, more accessible part has things that I use all the time.

You could also consider not using that awkward space, and adding more storage to your kitchen with some free-standing shelves, or wall-mounted shelves. Or storing seldom-used things elsewhere, like the garage or basement.

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OK, Ms. "I Do Things Around My House Now" Handywoman:

Not to add something else to your "Honey Do" list, but...

I know that you have the skills to install pull-out shelves yourself. At the link below, they make them exactly to your size. And they're not TERRIBLY expensive.

But of course, they do cost money. So...

You can also use a spare piece of plywood to make a slide-out tray that simply rests on the bottom.

And stuff in the back can be put in boxes. If it were my kitchen, I'd probably store my huge collection of cookie cutters, in its big popcorn tin, in the back. Then it's only ONE thing to pull out, and if I'm going to get it out, I'll go through the work of doing so.

It would eat up the back of the cabinet, and then the stuff in the front would be stuff I use often.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shelves That Slide

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I have a very narrow, deep cabinet next to mine. And,like you, I found things got lost and I could barely reach to the back. I bought a narrow plastic storage unit with drawers at Target. Pull it to the front, but it is almost as deep as the cabinet. In the drawers, I store Dish towels, one drawer is for those plastic grocery bags I save to line small trash cans etc, there are four drawers altogether, so two of them hold seldom used serving pieces, holiday placemats etc.

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I have one of those. 2 shelves, but only 8 inches wide. It might have been good for cookie sheets and pizza pans had it not been for the other shelf.

Shortly after we moved in (10+ years ago) I took a heavy cardboard dishpack box and folded/taped 2 shallow box/trays that fit in that space. We store spices and such things in there. Several people have questioned if the heat from the dishwasher affects that cabinet, but it must be well insulated, because it does not. When I need something, I slide the box out far enough to get it (most commonly used items are generally in the front), or just take the whole box out of the cabinet. They are deep enough that things do not fall out. The cardboard is still holding up after more than 10 years. I have a set of slide out shelves in another cabinet for pots and love them. If you can afford to do a slide out shelf, that might be nice, but if yours is as narrow as mine, you might lose way too much room on the sides. I'd thought about having DH build a couple of boxes out of 1/4 ply, but then realized that would cost just enough room that the bulk sized spice bottles would no longer fit 2 by 2.

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I have exactly that configuration. A tall skinny cabinet between my sink and dishwasher. I use my "black hole" to store my seldom-used Mixmaster. It's big and heavy, I only use it for baking Christmas cookies, mixing cakes things like that. I don't bake much.Though I did make Irish beer-cheese bread this past St Paddy's Day.

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