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hillcresthoneyOctober 20, 2011

As our family has grown, we are in need of more sleep space. I have seen articles where people put several

beds in one room, (maybe in Country Living or Traditional Home),and can't find them on line or in my stash of magazines. Our home was built in the 1830's and the rooms are very large, so this could be an option.

Have any of you seen these articles or better yet, done this in your own home? Thanks for your comments and the pros and cons of doing this. Have a good night!

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Maybe I'm missing something here but aren't multiple beds in bedrooms pretty common? Generally most rooms aren't large enough to give you too many layout options.

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Sorry, I didn't mean like a pair of twin beds, which is very common. The article I was referring to had two or three queen beds in the room. The pictures almost had a
"lodge" feel to them. Have tried to locate online with no luck. Thanks!

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Several beds in one room --- Bunk beds, trundle beds, two twins... nothing about those are new.

Are you talking about something else?

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If you're speaking of children, go for it. Queen beds do seem like overkill for kids, though.

But adults? If I'm visiting as an adult, I don't want to sleep in a room with anyone other than my spouse. Two married couples probably wouldn't want to share space either. It might work for a family group - a couple and their children.

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Who's going to be sleeping in this room?

Friends of mine have a vacation home. The attic of the house has been divided into three rooms--a "master" bedroom and the "bunk room" and a tiny bedroom with barely room for a single bed.

The bunk room has two twin beds and four full-sized beds, all in a row under the rafters. One of the full beds is separated from the rest by a curtain--the grandparents sometimes sleep there. Their grandkids sleep in the other beds, sometimes 2 to a bed, depending on who's around for the week/weekend. There's no privacy and no noise control.

For the family, this works fine. I've slept there as a guest. When it was just a bunch of us girls in the bunkroom, there was no problem. But as people started to get married, where to put the single people and the married people became an issue, what with the no privacy thing.

For siblings sharing a room, I don't think there should be a problem. For a bunch of unrelated people, or people related only by marriage, I think a lot of people would be uncomfortable for more than an night or two. In other words, I could see people making do for a night or two in order to spend Christmas with the family, but not for a week's vacation.

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You've said "as our family has grown" so I am assuming you do mean kids. We slept our two kids in the same room with us for a long time. The room was small, but we have high ceilings, so we build a "platform" across one end of it. Eldest slept up there, youngest was first in a crib under the platform, then in a small single bed perpendicular to it. I had a narrow custom-made mattress left over from when I was a kid that we built a bed for.

Arranging the beds was not really the tricky part - there are only so many options. The trick is that all your dressing activities need to happen somewhere else in the house, including clothes storage. Even now that we have our own room, the room is so small that it can hold most of my clothes but not my husband's. This is actually not so bad since he sometimes gets up early and thus doesn't disturb anyone, but it does mean part of the rest of the house is a dressing room. That is my organizing challenge.

If the room is that big, I wonder if you could subdivide it with temporary walls. At a certain age kids do want their space.

Karin L

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I mean we "built." Past tense.... and the platform is gone now, but was useful for a long time, for play and storage after it wasn't used as a bed any more.

Karin L

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Growing up I shared a room with my 2 sisters, 3 beds two dressers. Each of us claimed a wall and occasionally we would rearrange the room.

At the family cabin, which when I was young was a one room long cabin, one end of it was divided into 3 sleeping areas by giant bamboo shades. There was room enough for a double bed in each section and a dresser and usually a blanket box at the foot of each bed.

I have lots of fond memories associated with both of these arrangements.

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My daughter actually has room to sleep three in her bedroom, a bunk bed with a trundle pull-out drawer. She used it often when she had her high school girlfriends sleep over after partying. We're now using the trundle area for storage. The bunk beds are staying for potential Grandchildren. Now don't rush me, my daughters are still in college.

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It would be really nice to have several queen beds in one room but my rooms are way to small for that. I like that lodge room idea with the multiple beds but in reality I haven't seen any of that in average homes.

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Didn't the Duggars (famous TV family with 19+ kids) solve this by having two large bedrooms, one for the girls and one for the boys? Then again, I dislike this abnormal family.

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We built triple bunks for our three girls to share a room, and the two other kid rooms each holds a air of boys, one set in twins and the other set in a twin and a lofted twin.

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Below is a link to a ideabook with multiple double beds in a room.

Here is another Houzz link for multiple single beds in a room.

Here is a link that might be useful: Houzz multiple double beds

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