Eased edge finish with leathered granite

sudakiFebruary 16, 2013

Would love to hear from those of you that have leathered or brushed granite. What edge treatment did your fabricator use? Polish? Hone? Is it possible to leather an eased edge? Does it matter? Could you share a picture? Thanks!

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I have a leathered granite with a honed edge. My fabricator does that standard, but they would do a leathered edge for an additional charge. I don't think it matters because one surface is horizontal and one is vertical so they don't look the same anyway. Here is a picture, but I don't think you can really see the difference in texture.

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I just looked it up and it would have cost an additional $350 to have the edge leathered. I probably have about 40 linear feet of edge not including the 2 sink cutouts.

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LOL! Until you asked this question, I never even thought about it. I never knew to ask about anything special, so I guess I just got the standard treatment for leathered granites. It is very smooth but not super shiny. Looks just like the photo mpagmom posted, so I'm guessing mine was also honed.

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I have leathered granite with a honed eased edge and I think it looks great. It's not noticeable that it's different a different finish than the countertop.

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Thank you mpagmom, jerzeegirl for the pictures and for the assurance that a honed edge would be fine with a leathered top. Each fabricator seems to have a different approach. Looking at your granite confirms my desire for searching out the right leathered granite - probably green typhoon. Love the softer look!

contollfreakecs - I agree - who knew the questions that we would be asking as we embarked on the remodeling adventure!! I'm "struggling" not to cross the line from being temporarily TKO to being TCKO (totally crazily kitchen obsessed)!

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