fixing old tiles that are coming loose

melissastarOctober 18, 2013

The century-old tiles in my fireplace surround (an original, now unused gas fireplace) are coming loose in places. Some are still adhered well, but in a few patches, groups of 3 or 4 tiles are pulled away from the wall and only the grout and gravity is holding them vertical.

I haven't any idea how to go about repairing this, but am hoping it won't involve removing all the tiles and putting them back.

Suggestions? Resources? All help and advice welcome!


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If you can remove the loose tiles without destroying them, they can be reset and regrouted. Use a grout removal tool to detach the loose tiles; then clean, reset and regrout.

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Thanks worthy. Reset using what exactly? Do I need to dig out the old mortar behind them? And if not, won't it make the tiles stick out further?

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Yes, carefully remove the old cement and use a bit of mastic to set them again, being careful to keep the same spacing for the grout lines using a bit of cardboard or plastic spacers.

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