storage idea for stones

rheagle1October 15, 2007

Hi there, I have alot of baking stones, and need some ideas for a way to store them. I really like them, and don't want to get rid of them, just don't have a place to store them. Thanks Tonya

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I am not really sure what a baking stone is. I can sort of imagine.

I store my baking sheets and 9 by 13 pans pizza pan in a coated wire record rack I keep on the lower kitchen shelf. Works well for me. Maybe your stones will fit on something like this.

Also not sure how many you have. There is a paper bag holder you hang on the wall. you might be able to slip them in the slots instead of bags. Might be too heavy??


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Shades yes they are pretty heavy.

Rheagle, what about dividing slots made of wood vertically in a cabinet?

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I just keep mine in the oven. It doesn't hurt a thing, and I've actually heard if you have a gas oven, it also helps even out the temperature. That said, mine is in my convection oven, and I use it quite often. It's just too heavy to move around!

I'm just curious to why you have stone(s)? Do you have double ovens or bake a lot of bread?

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big flat things store well w/ tray dividers.

Like these, which are the sturdiest wire vrsion I've found.

But when I had a different brand (it was Feeney, which is made by Knape & Vogt, and the clips weren't as good as the Rev-a-Shelf ones I have now), I found that the cast-iron griddle was so heavy, it popped the wire shelves right out of the clips.

The Rev-a-Shelf ones I have now are much stronger than the Feeney ones, but they're still just plastic clips. I don't even try to put my griddle there.

Instead, I store my griddle in an ultra-skinny base cabinet I ended up w/ by the fridge.

So you might be able to install a similar divider out of wood that's sturdy enough to hold up to the weight.

Or you could try these wire ones, in which case i strongly suggest trying the following:
ÂPosition the dividers so the stones lean against the cabinet side wall (you might be able to get away w/ a single divider, depending how many stones you have).
ÂSpace them closely! You want the stones to stand almost completely upright, bcs the more they lean, the more weight will press against the divider itself.
ÂPutting one to a "cubby" means only one stone's weight is leaning on the divider
ÂSee if you can get some extra clips.

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I have one large stone (why do you have lots of them???), and it lives in the drawer of the oven.

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I keep mine in the oven all the time. I too am wondering why someone would need many. I know that people do use them for solar ovens and BBQ grill ovens, but I would imagine that they could be stored in the units.

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Have kept them in gas oven in the past, but I did hate it when I let a pie bubble over on them, so we took them out. Now they lean against the cabinet wall (inside a lower cabinet). DH built really heavy tray dividers in there (each divider is 1/2" thick wood) that are glued and screwed in really well. They are strong enough for stones to lean against. But I wouldn't try it with most storebought ones--wire or whatever.

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Hi again, thanks for the ideas. I'm thinking I'll try the wooden divider idea in a cabinet. The reason there are so many is I have my pizza stone, and 2 cookie sheets, 2 bread pans, a stone muffin pan, and a roaster with lid (or 2 casseroles). All were given to me as gifts, because I let it be known that I like them. I do use them all though, believe it or not. Our kitchen is just so small till we get the money to redo it, and I'm trying to make the most of the space. For the people that leave them in the oven drawer, do you have gas ovens? I thought that would ruin them, so I've always taken them out and it's a pain when I want to use my oven. Thanks again. Tonya

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Tonya, I've left a baking stone in my gas oven. I thought it really did help even out the temperature somewhat. Also, if you think about how high a temperature to use when you bake pizza (my recipe calls for 500-550 degrees), there's nothing about that stone would be ruined by leaving it in the oven. One person I know leaves hers in the oven when she sets the self-cleaning feature, to get the stone cleaned of any residue. I really don't think you can hurt your stone by leaving it in the oven at all.

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Wow, I never heard of stone bread pans and stone muffin pans! Or stone roasters. You learn something new every day. I'm going to have to investigate.

Do you find they bake that differently than metal?

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Talley Sue -- yes they do bake differently. They brown the crusts much nicer. The stone roasters hold the heat -- and cook more evenly. Much nicer products than with metal -- but they are not inexpensive and can be broken.


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thanks for the info.

I think I'll stick w/ the metal, at least for baking pans; I don't actually like the crusts of my muffins browned that much. (that's why I'm not in love w/ convection ovens, nor do I like dark metal pans).

But it is interesting to me to know about these things.

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I store my stone in the oven drawer with no problems....and it is a gas stove/oven.

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Man, I hate to admit I just threw mine away after leaving it in the oven. It got so black. Electric oven, if that made any difference.

I really liked my stone baking dish. You almost couldn't burn something and food would hold in them for a long time. Great for parties. I've just found that I didn't like the weight. I have some loss of hand and arm strength after my last job. I'm almost to the point I can't use some of my cast iron. I'm having to pick it up with both hands on the handle.

But my current gas oven doesn't have real even temps. I think I'll pick one up at the thrift store the next time I see one and see if having it in the oven helps.


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Gloria, do you think that storing it in the oven is what made your stone get so black?

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