Moving an old house and new foundation ??

lyfiaOctober 25, 2006

We're looking at several options right now. Building new or moving an old house. There are several to find and choose from in the rural area where we are looking. House would also be moved in a rural area as well. They are all wood frame and 1 story.

I've read up on the actual moving of houses, but it all seems to be missing the information about the new foundation and when they determine if the house have to be split.

When does a house have to be split to be moved?

Do you have to have the foundation in place first or do they do the foundation after you move the house into place? Most of the houses that we are looking at currently has pier & beam. Do you need to use the same type foundation again?

It seems like it would be hard to do a foundation first and make sure it is in the right place so I would think you'd do it after, but how do they do that. Is the house resting on jacks until the foundation is into place? How do the excavate under the house or is it lifted really high to allow this?

About what is the cost of a new foundation for a house that has been moved? I would think it is more than for a new construction.

Any other info you can share would be great too.

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How far is the move? Does it involve trucking?

A new foundation would almost always be built before the move. I can't think of any reason to do otherwise.

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The move would be around 20-30 miles and yes trucking and the whole shebang of power lines would be involved.

Well the reason for the foundation question before or after is how good can you actually do the supports without having the structure there already and what needs leveling etc.

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Thank you drafted72. That does seem to go with what I thought was needed. Ie foundation after the move.

Anybody have any idea on the splitting the home apart when this is necessary?

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I wonder how long houses have been moved? I just sold a house this year I know was at least a hundred years old. It was a small frame bungalow with wet plaster walls, and when I bought it, it sat on a nice, newer concrete block foundation. My father delivered papers in that area when he was a teen (early thirties) and remembers both their future home and the little house next door I owned, and he remembers it was moved to that location.

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I've never heard of the splitting concept. Keep us posted-- want to hear how this turns out.

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I have moved a couple houses.

The basic footers and foundation work can all be completed before the move.
You do not want a house sitting on its beams and dollies while you wait for a new foundation to be built from scratch.

One method is to have three basement walls completed except for the top few feet.
The house can be positioned by moving the dollies in from the open side, then using block and brick to make the last wall and fill in the gap on the other sides.

The beams and dollies are then removed.

There are probably as many methods for the work as folks who move the houses.

The company I used has gone out of business (owner retired) but he used aircraft wheel assemblies adapted to the job to allow active leveling during the move.

Even the crown in a road can be an issue.

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We just moved a 1300 sq ft old frame house 8 months ago. We moved it 13 miles. The moving company also built the foundation. It was 2' wide by 2' deep concrete chain walls with cinder block pillars. We wanted the house raised 3 1/2' off the ground.

The move took 9 hours and had its drawbacks due to our parish and city authorities being the usual #$#holes they are. The problem involved low hanging Oak tree limbs and no utility companies showing up to raise the wires.

Out house had to be cut in half to move it down our narrow country roads. The company did an excellent job and unless you're looking at the floor between the door jamb of the hall/den, you can't tell it was ever cut.

We're in the process of totally remodeling the house right now and adding on an additional 500 sq ft.

I'm having a blast and would love to do it again!

Here is a link to all my Haulin' House pics and the inside of the original house.

Here is a link that might be useful: Haulin' House

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I think there are number of companies which Provide this work i know one of the company Named barrettmoving which work in Mover resident house and commercial places.

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At Speedy Movers, each of the professional movers is well-trained who plan your move and take care of each of your belongings as expected, thereby delivering high efficiency services. Speedy Movers is a team of talented residential movers and corporate relocation movers that offer stress-free local move at local prices.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nationwide Movers

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Pssttt...never use a move who isn't smart enough to read the disclosures on a website that say "no advertising". LOL if they can't read that simple stuff, can you imagine letting them move your house???

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I reading along wondering who brought this old
thread back to life & imaging kntryhuman
overseeing his house move. the tip off that
we are both in La. was parish instead of
county. made me look again at the user name
& realize it wasn't country human...but
can try human. I've always said we here
in La. are can do folks! no diy forums & people asking
how to diy...

have a good evening!

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