Old claw foot tub - value?

Sparks72October 1, 2011

We removed an old clawfoot tub when we remodeled our upstairs bath. It's in great shape and doesn't appear to need any work, other than normal cleaning. I'd like to sell it along with a newer pedestal sink. I was thinking Craigslist but don't know how to price them.

Any tips?

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Used to be you couldn't give them away unless to a farmer who wanted it for a water trough, then they became really popular again. Perhaps you could go on Craigslist or Ebay and take a look at what other people are selling them for? I do know that most of the old ones are super heavy to move around.

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Thanks. It would also make a pretty neat beverage cooler at a party!

I'll look around online.

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Or you can bury it half way and upright in the front yard and put a Madonna statue in it.

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No, No send it to me!!! I need one for when I renovate my downstairs bath.

Yes brickeye: just this weekend for the first time I heard the phrase "Bathtub Madonna"!

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I thought you meant Madonna the vocalist. So I thought, why not Lady Gaga in a tub? She would like it! If all the little monsters wanted claw foot tubs with gaga statues in them, that would really cause a pricing bubble.

Then I realized you meant a Mary on the halfshell.

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